Saturday, August 7, 2010

Half Marathon Training: Run 4ish? ...FML Hills.

I'm not quite sure what number I'm on for my training runs. Officially with the group I think this is week 4, but I've done a few short runs in between on my own. I missed last Saturday's run because I was out of town, so I missed our 7 mile run, but not to worry I'll be running 8 miles next week...oh the joy! Mind you it will be flat again, however this week was our first week of hill running and I knew it was going to kick my ass and it sure as hell did.

But even though I missed the 7 mile run last week, I did get to see this instead:

Shenandoah National Park

and then I went hiking and came across this on the trail... a field of ferns

and when we reached the top of the trail there were lots of neat looking rocks to climb around and a pretty stunning view.

But anyway, on to this weeks run...

The run: A shaded country road that lots of runners and bikers flock to. It winds along our water reservoir and there are a lot of hills...big ones. It's closed to cars after 10 am on the weekends so even before that traffic is pretty light. We got out there at 7 am.

Distance: according to this handy little website called the run was 5.12 miles minimum elevation was 164ft and max elevation of 423ft and an ascent of 354ft decent of -358ft... guess what I really don't know what all that means for my run....except that it was hard.

My time: 63 minutes... pathetic. Almost ten minutes longer than it takes me to run the same distance on flat ground.

Problemas?: Yeah, I bit the dust on the way back running down hill...well not really but I got side stiches running DOWN hill... that's supposed to be the easy part the breeze to the end, and I got side stiches! ugh!

Anyway after the run I stretched a bit, drank lots o water and made breakfast. I think I have perfected the sunny side up egg... I've been eating a lot of eggs recently since I've been buying the free range ones from the farmers market they just taste better... I have also perfected the transfer of said eggs from the frying pan to my plate with out breaking the yolks... Don't mock me I am normally allergic to the kitchen and all things involving cooking so this takes concentration ;) ...Ta-Da!

Sorry if I have offended my vegan and vegetarian readers... I know there are at least 3-4 of you..but yea I gotta get that protein in there!


Dangrdafne said...

Your breakfast looks yummy!! You run looks, well, not so least for me. I am so proud of you and your dedication. Hmmm maybe if I could run in a place with all those beautiful sights, I would... but... probably not LOL!! Hiking=yes, running=not so much.

Have a great weekend!!!

Claudia said...

Girlfriend, your running story scares me! In more ways than one. When is the marathon? What is it for? Just for fun? If so, you're a stupid masochistic lamb (there's your twi tie in) And the eggs look yummy!

LCspeaks said...

Way to go on the hike! Your breakfast looks yummy...I'm also kitchen-challenged but I find eggs to be one of the easier things to master.

And I may hate running, but if Joe/Alcide is in front of me I think I would push myself that much harder just to catch up to him. YUM!

rpattzlawyer said...

Being one of your veg readers, I just have to comment. Beans and grains (lentils are wicked high) and veggies (soy, especially) and nuts and all kinds of things are high in protein... Contrary to popular belief, animal products are not the only good sources of protein.

You are doing a fabulous job! Keep it up! You are super inspiring :)

Twilight Junkie said...

Just stumbled across your blog. I am training for the Rock & Roll Half marathon in Virginia Beach which will be on September 5th. I did my 10 miler last week. Mr. Junkie & I run it every year & except for the pain of the run, it's a blast :)
Which one are you running?
I have been listening to Ific (fanfiction on my Ipod) & Twigasm podcasts when I run, which is....ahem...interesting!
Keep up the good work, you'll be so glad you did & will probably get hooked like me.

Team Six Pack said...

Ladies thanks for the comments!! :) I think we all need a little joe/alcide in front of us to keep us moving, it's like dangling a carrot lol.

@Rpattzlawyer I know beans/lentils are really good for me...but their cook time is longer than eggs and this is where I'm lazy ;). Soy products I'm not sold on. I've been told by a nutritionist and have read in more than one place that they cause hormonal imbalances and are not helpful for weight loss. I'm also not sure about them after watching food inc. who do I know I'm eating a soy product that's not made with genetically modified bean?! ugh too confusing.

@twilight junkie haha I've never thought to listen to the twigasm when I'm running... actually I haven't listened to anything while I run since I washed my shuffle :( need to get a new one! Anyway, I'm running the Baltimore half on Oct. 16th!

Muffin Top said...

I'd like some of his protein! j/s

Hills suck ass. Period. They are SO much more work than flat ground!

@twilightjunkie - I just downloaded the podcasts :) Going to listen during my 5-miler tomorrow

Twilight Junkie said...

@ Muffin Top.

I second the Hills suck ass comment.

Also, good luck with your run. It ain't easy running while cracking up! I have to do 11 tomorrow....oy!