Friday, April 30, 2010

Current Status: Just a Quickie!

I want to try and make this brief...

here is yet another segment on this blog where I rant/ramble:

Current Mood: Super Excited!!

Current Weight: 188... 21lbs of loss since I started the blog!!! (87lbs of total loss!!!)

Currently Thinking about: How this totally deserves an anthro trip for a new top :)

Currently NOT Thinking about: How sad I am that FC Barcelona isn't going to the champions league final :( FU Mourhino and inter!

Currently looking online at: Anthro tops!

I love the colors in this one....

But I'm thinking this one might have a more flattering fit!

Currently looking forward to: My Morning Jacket concert tomorrow, and soccer games!

Currently listening to: Just found this on the Music Ninja Blog

Currently Realized: It's a smiley kinda day ;)

p.s.! Shopping trip at anthro was a success!!!!!!

The super cute fun bright orange shirt!!
Got it 10% off because of a slight defect that didn't cause any issues with the look.

And flats by pink on sale for $19.99!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Soocer Sunday: Mega Post

Feeling is slowly starting to come back into my fingers now from playing out in the cold this evening.  So it's been two weeks since i've made one of these posts and I've played a lot of games since then plus a lots happened in the professional soccer world as well... So I'm going to do a two week mega post.

Last week's ladies league...

I played two games back to back and ran midfield for some of it.  My team won probably 5 or 6 - 0.  It was a beautiful day for soccer, sunny not too humid or hot.  The perfect weather to play in however half of our opponents team chose not to show up so me and a few other girls from my team were loaned to them so they could field a full team and we could play our game.  Lets just say I didn't play as "tough" as I normally do.

Game 2: I was helping out our other team (our team became really large and lots of people wanted to play with us so we split in 2 teams).  This was a rough game for them.  We play in the rec division (ie the fun relaxed division), but because in spring not as many people come out to play, the competitive division doesn't have a full schedule of teams.  So we sometimes have to play a competitive team...these are women who probably played in college at higher levels or what have you.  Our leagues motto is "for the love of the game".  Now given the circumstances (competitive more experienced team vs rec less experienced team) you'd think they would have backed off... you think they would have played a little more friendly and less aggressive...but clearly to THEM this was the world freaking cup. Hookers please.  Who are you trying to impress?  You're playing on a chopped up grass field in the suburbs... This isn't camp nou!  We lost by a large margin and it wasn't fun for anyone.   There was nothing "friendly" about this.

After about 140 minutes of play I had NO legs left!  And a nice case of sunburn on my face and scalp... Fun times :)

Sunday co-ed game:  My co-ed team is having a rough time this season.  I play with great talented players they're all skilled in their own way but we can't seem to manage a win. I don't get it.  It was another rough game and we lost which makes or record 1 tie and well however many sunday's it's been since our start... lots of losses.

This weekends games:

Ladies league on saturday.  Another game where I played back to back.  Once again the other team we played had attendance issues.  They were a bunch of highschool kids and had to take the forfeit.  But once again we loaned them players so we could just get a game in anyway.  You know what I REALLY HATE about women soccer players... they're catty bitches!  A guy will get physical with you on the field if he's pissed, women start snarking and talking shit.  One of the stupid teenagers had an attitude problem and was trash talking our captain who is almost 40 years old.  Excuse me! Fortunately our captain is kick ass and pretty much shut her down 90% of the time and tried to kill her with kindness which only pissed her off even more.

Game 2 = More snark, more cattyness.  However, all I'd like to point out is that we won 3-1.  *brushes shoulder off* that's right you like us now!?

Co-ed league Sunday... SO SO close to a tie this game.  The ref took away one of our goals claiming a foul was commited before it went in the net :(. We would have been up by 1.  The score was 0-0 up til the end and then I guess our defense fell apart and we let two goals in.  I'm blaming myself.  If I had been more agressive and stepped up I could have stopped at least one of those goals. I shouldn't have stayed outside marking my man I should have stepped closer to help out in the middle. I felt like it was moving in slow motion and I just stood there as the guy took a shot. Stupid!  The other one I should have put more pressure on the guy from the outside before he crossed the ball. Ugh! I'm really upset with myself.  I played great yesterday, I played well enough for almost the entire game today but I felt like I fell asleep behind the wheel towards the end and I let the team down. :( End result 2-1 loss for our team!  We'll get a win one day!

End result of this weekends games... sore lower back, sore right hip, right ham, and whatever the tendon is called that runs along the outside of the right calf muscle to connect to the ankle.  It hurts and I can't seem to stretch it out.

In OTHER soccer news.  Lionel Messi proves once again he's the greatest player in the world...

Enjoy the Lionel Messi show...I mean FC Barcelona kicking Arsenal's ass in the Champions League quarter final...

I was sitting at my desk watching live stats trying not to jump up and down every time Messi scored a goal haha.

Also here's FC Barcelona proving not only are they the greatest club team in Europe...but they're the best in Spain as well... suck on that Real Madrid.

Injuries Injuries Injuries...

Every players worst fear!

Fernando Torres (of Liverpool and Spanish national team) is out for the rest of the season!

Wayne Rooney (Manchester United and England national team) hurts his ankle... he'll probably be back for the world cup though.

David Beckham (LA Galaxy, AC Milan and the England national team) is watching a lot of basketall these days.  Unfortunately his injury is going to keep him out of the world cup and probably for the rest of the MLS season. There's talk his career is over.

Also, my cousin who lurks but never comments *cough* you know who you are... well her fiance Mr. Cousinwholurksbutnevercomments sent me this awesome video... I want to see this movie. :)

I love this game!

Friday, April 16, 2010

What's Stopping You from Reaching Your Goals... Or Getting Started?

Our motto in bootcamp is to be "unstoppable"... We chant it after every work out. Usually afterward I do feel like I might just be unstoppable... ready to conquer the world... or at least another day at the office. So it got me wondering, what is it that makes us feel "stoppable" some times and what can we do to make sure we always have that feeling of being "unstoppable" when it comes to our weight loss goals?

We all have our vices...our weaknesses, our reservations and fears. Do you have a hard time keeping your diet in check... do you have lack of time or motivation to exercise? Or are you really just making excuses?

I wanted to make this post brief but I'd like you to share something in the comments section... don't worry you can post anonymously if you want! Talk about anything that you might be struggling with in your diet or exercise and maybe together we can talk you through it and find a way to break past it. :)

I'll start with mine... I plateau and it frustrates the hell out of me. I've been teetering on the edge of 85lbs of weight loss for a month now and today the scale was up a pound. I exercise just as much if not more than ever... Soccer season is in full swing and I'm playing 2-3 games a weekend (which means I'm sprinting like crazy up and down that field) I do 3 days of boot camp workouts a week and I run 1 other day. That's 6 days of intense exercise, and sometimes I feel like it's not enough! But my weight is still staying nice and even, and I beat myself up because I work so hard and see no results at all! Then to see the scale go up on top of it makes me want to throw my hands up in the air and scream! I don't want to work out 7 days a week because rest is important too to avoid injury, and sometimes I'm too tired after work to add a second work out in the evening. I don't know what else its going to take, what else I need to do to push myself that extra step?!

I'm concerned with my braces that I'm not getting enough of a balanced diet but it hurts to chew sometimes and I'm also not allowed to eat really crunchy foods, so I haven't been eating as much salad as I used to. Maybe I need to redouble my efforts on my diet again and give something up?

Ok now it's your turn! Please share... it helps to me :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

It is Not in Your Character to Give Up

That was my fortune in my fortune cookie yesterday. I had a 1/2 dish of pad thai with chicken according to calorie king that's roughly 560 Calories..but that's also all I had for lunch...It was a rush meal kind of day because I had to run an errand for the boss man and I had to make an important stop at REI....I needed a new toy :)

I got a sports watch :)

It's purple :)

I know a certain fashion conscious friend of mine is cringing right now... *cough*shoewhore*cough*... I like purple :). Plus I needed this kind of watch for a specific reason... I needed it to be light weight and have a stop watch... because I'm running with this baby.

Yesterday I got one of my co-workers motivated to go run with me. She's not a regular exerciser or runner for that matter so I told her don't worry we'll do a run/walk. I've talked about run/walks a bit on the blog. I really like them because it's a good way for beginners to mentally prepare themselves for a run. The idea is to run for 4 minutes walk for 1, then repeat. I think it helps beginners to push themselves because they know that little break is coming soon.

But even if you're not a beginner the break actually helps you to run a little even though you stop to walk you end up keeping the same pace you would if you had jogged straight through because you usually don't slow your jogging pace. It's a good way to train and build up your endurance.

She actually said to me a few days ago when we were talking about going for a run that she shouldn't run with me because she's not a runner and she felt like she shouldn't even bother trying to run...that maybe she should try it some other time.

My only response was well if you don't start now when are you ever going to?

To me it doesn't matter if you're not the best, it matters that you try!

What bothers me is that people give up before even trying..that my friends gets you no where!

So my new handy dandy little stop watch kept time for me. We made sure to stop every 1.25 miles to stretch and rest a bit, but by the end we completed 3.75 miles with hills. For me that's not much of a run anymore (a year ago I would have laughed at you if you asked me to run that far though), but for my co-worker it was a major accomplishment and she felt so good afterward! She said she never would have done it with out me, but I didn't do anything. I couldn't make her run with me she did that on her own...I just kept time ;)

So we're going to try and do this once a week and I'm working on getting a few other co-workers motivated to join in. Trust me ANYONE can try a run/walk.

I've also noticed my new stop watch will be handy for other things... office chair races, timing how long a windbag boss talks on the phone.... and in my case measuring timing myself to see how quickly I can blog. :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

My New Diet...

Well it's official. I'm 17 again...
 I'll just come right out and say it...


Nerd Alert!

I went back to work after having them put on and one of my co-workers made fun of my voice... another asked me if I was invited to prom yet. Yep all the stereotypes are true, you spit, you slurp, and you spit and slurp while talking. I don't think I could have survived this in high school. I'm having a hard enough time a decade later. I gotta give props to all the teens who have these, cause these bitches HURT. I feel like I've been punched in the mouth.

I've been 17 again for only 3 days now... and food has not been my friend. The act of chewing hurts, and everyone at the dentist office says I should just enjoy some ice cream for the pain.

WHAT!!! NO. I can't develop an ice cream addiction for the next 14 months. Yep, 14-16 months of treatment time.... I'll be 17 for a while.

So basically my new diet consists of soft foods, oatmeal, yogurt, soups, eggs, pasta and rice. Chewing bread and chicken is pretty much unbearable right now even in super tiny tiny peices, but I've been told that it will get better. But even after it gets better I'm still restricted from eating certain foods...

No bagels or Pizza crust... which I understand now because it hurts to freakin' chew them! But Pizza is a weakness of mine so this will be a way for me to avoid it.

No sticky foods... that means no more sneaking a mini snickers bar from the office supply closet!

No popcorn... this breaks my heart! I was looking forward to enjoying a small bag of popcorn at the eclipse midnight show as a cheat treat... and now I'm denied!! NO POPCORN?!? CRIES!!!

No sugary drinks... No problem here... I rarely if ever drink soda or fruit juices. I'm a sparkling water gal.

No Hard Food... No carrots no apples, no corn on the cob! This makes me sad too, I love these foods, I can still eat them but they must be cut, sliced or taken off the cob. BOO!

So basically right now I've been surviving off of soft foods, and water. No snacks! This is one thing I'm happy about. I'm not snacking... on anything! I think because my mouth is so sore I don't even think about food, and also keeping these things clean are a pain in the if I'm going to eat I'm having a full meal! I hope this newly restricted diet helps me lose even more weight!

The only other downfall I've noticed is that I can't chew gum... and I thought oh well duh no big deal I'll just have mints handy...but I didn't think about what to do when it came to running. I chew gum when I run to help keep my mouth from drying out and I ran 5 miles yesterday and I really wished I had gum to chew on...but ok possibly TMI right now, you salivate a lot with these things in your mouth so it wasn't too much of a problem it was just... ew! Going to have to figure out what other runners with braces do for this problem.

So that's my new diet. :)

p.s. I graduated to salad for lunch today...however it took me forever to eat it and I had to have it in very small pieces and mostly only ate the leafy parts.... baby steps!