Friday, April 30, 2010

Current Status: Just a Quickie!

I want to try and make this brief...

here is yet another segment on this blog where I rant/ramble:

Current Mood: Super Excited!!

Current Weight: 188... 21lbs of loss since I started the blog!!! (87lbs of total loss!!!)

Currently Thinking about: How this totally deserves an anthro trip for a new top :)

Currently NOT Thinking about: How sad I am that FC Barcelona isn't going to the champions league final :( FU Mourhino and inter!

Currently looking online at: Anthro tops!

I love the colors in this one....

But I'm thinking this one might have a more flattering fit!

Currently looking forward to: My Morning Jacket concert tomorrow, and soccer games!

Currently listening to: Just found this on the Music Ninja Blog

Currently Realized: It's a smiley kinda day ;)

p.s.! Shopping trip at anthro was a success!!!!!!

The super cute fun bright orange shirt!!
Got it 10% off because of a slight defect that didn't cause any issues with the look.

And flats by pink on sale for $19.99!!!!!!!!


Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

Congratulations on your weight loss!!!! You are inspiring me to keep going. Trying to lose weight sucks so bad...I am right there with ya. I just take it one day at a time. :) However, I am going to the Oprah Twilight show with Rob, Kristen and Taylor next week and ever since I found out about a week and a half ago, I have been really really good! Still not down to where you are though. Any advice? :)

Team Six Pack said...

OMG you lucky lady you!!!!! I So wish I could be in that audience too!

Ok so advice... consistency and determination! Those are key. You have to be consistent with your diet and with your work outs. You need to watch your portions and the type of foods you eat. Eat a diet filled with lean proteins (like chicken breast fish, and turkey breast meat) fresh fruits and veges, and whole that means limit your refined carbs (carbs found in white breads, cookies cakes donuts etc. basically the bad carbs) Eat whole grain breads and cereals. One of my favorite new snacks is plain non-fat yogurt with fresh berries and granola it's a tasty healthy parfait. :)

If you have more questions about proper diet feel free to ask away, email me whatever...but my favorite resource is it will teach you how to eat a healthy portion controlled diet if you learn to follow their meal plans.

You also need to establish a work out routine and stick with it! Start small maybe walks 30 minutes 3-4 times a week but from there you really need to boost your routine and get your heart rate up! Sparkpeople also has a TON of exercise demo's on their site. Personally I liked taking group classes at my gym because having a set time to work out helped me stick with it.

It really means a lot to me that you're inspired to keep going, don't lose that little spark of inspiration! Keep determined and focused and you'll see results! Oh and one more thing... don't think of "trying to lose weight" as something that sucks! Stay positive!!! Think of it as an adventure in healthy eating and exercising instead lol :) Everyday strive to be a healthier you :)

Isabella MARIE Cullen said...

Thank you for your awesome advice! I do think I eat way too much refined carbs, so that's my cut back on that stuff. I've been pretty good about the other stuff. Just have to learn to be patient because it takes time. :)

shoewhoreninja said...

Shutupinurfuckincuteface lady!!! I love it! It looks even better on ya than it did in the pictures! :) So freakin cute! I loves it! So excited for you! You deserve it! Me thinks you should wear it to the city when you come to have drinks with me this summer! Yay!!! I can't wait!

Dangrdafne said...

I was all ready to say definitely get the second shirt (the orange one) and then you had the pic of you in it and OMG it is awesome on you! I LOVE IT and the shoes are perfect. You look amazing. I am soooo proud of and happy for you!

I am glad you liked my Tweet about the soccer stuff in Disney. As soon as I saw it I turned to my hubby and said "Look it's Team Six Pack. I need to take a picture." :)

Have fun at your concert.