Monday, May 10, 2010

Soccer Sunday! Finally! We Tied!!

Just a short post today...I just have to say I am SO happy for my co-ed team... we FINALLY FINALLY TIED!!! Our record is 1 tie 6 or 7 losses and no wins... well now we have 2 ties!!! YES! We didn't win but we didn't lose, it was a 0-0 game but who cares, they didn't score against us!!! All of our defenders should be brushing their shoulders off and big props to our center mid who was constantly dropping back or running to the outside to help us out!

There were a few close calls with shots on goal, one guy ran past me when I thought our keeper had the ball and it was like I was watching it all happen in slow motion, ball bounced up off keepers fist, I thought it went out of bounds so I didn't do anything, other teams forward (my mark) starts running towards the ball that was still in play, our keeper is on the ground and me like an idiot was just standing there with a delayed reaction, but fortunately our keeper got up in time to save the ball again... *whew* THAT was a close call!! Another one was from a header from one of our team mates but again the keeper was there to recover...A good keeper is invaluable!

We have 2 games left in the season, our last game is the first round of play offs so if we save all our wins for the play offs ;) then our season will be even longer.

My women's team has it's last game next Saturday... super duper sad face!! BUT Summer session is just around the corner!

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Dangrdafne said...

I love reading these posts. Your excitement just pours through and I get so giddy and happy. Good luck and I hope you season lasts extra long ;)