Monday, May 24, 2010

Soccer Sunday: Can you feel it?

My co-ed team lost its final game... our unfortunate win-less season is over but I could care less, I enjoyed every minute on the field, I loved playing with my team, despite the heart breaking losses we gave it our all every game and I don't think anyone gave up on encouraging each other to keep trying. Sadly my soccer seasons are over for a few weeks, but I'm not fretting or going into a panicked state of loss and denial clutching my cleats against my chest crying because there are no more games. In fact I think I'll be ok, more than ok actually, because there's a little bubble of excitement returning that's been dormant for four years...

Can you feel it too? That little twinge of anticipation...The feeling of wanting to jump up on your desk and shout "come on already!"...

I've had that feeling for a while...The anxiousness of following the qualifying matches, the fear or relief when the groups are announced, then the waiting, oh the agonizing wait...but all of a sudden there's little glimmers of hope... magazine covers start talking about it... you're friends want to know your predictions... you spend an evening at the bar with beers chatting about it...afternoons reading your magazines...

Are you confused? Can you not guess what I'm talking about?

I'll give you a hint.

It's not eclipse.
(I'm a blasphemer I know)

Just click play and watch the GREATEST commercial EVER! ;) you know you want to...

fdjakeioafneaio earu39a9!*!&*!&!^^~!!!!!!!!!!

*throws fist in the air!*

Are you still breathing?!?!

Maybe you're just watching it on repeat

And it's STILL 17 Days away!

*bangs head against desk*

Do you understand how many levels of awesome that commercial is?!?

Do you feel what I feel right now??

fanboys and girls...Imagine having to wait 4 years for the next favorite LOTR/comicbook/starwars/startrek film... now do you understand my level of excitement? This is bigger than all of that, this is bigger than anything, ever. Period. For one month the entire world is watching, cheering, crying, rejoicing...

Maybe you don't get it, maybe you're not into the beautiful game like I am...but maybe you should just give it a chance. There's no other sport out there as universal and uniting as soccer. All you need is one ball. So tune in it all starts June 11th, 2010!!

p.s. The video didn't feature one of the greatest players in the world...probably because he's not sponsored by Nike... but I will pay homage...

My hero... Lionel Messi

Watch out for him and the Argentina squad! Very eager to see how they do.

(call me crazy twi-fans but I *might* chose him over Robert Pattinson
if given the choice to meet both but I could only pick one--although I'm sure maybe Rob might want to meet him too and we could just go together, so it would all work out in the end ;))

image from Sports Illustrated

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Dangrdafne said...

I will admit because of you I will probably seek out some of this soccer stuff ;) I have always enjoyed soccer but no one I know is into it. So now I have you and you love it - I can feel it and now I love it too. Keep me in the loop when your guy plays and I will do my best to at minimum check him out.