Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm going to speak about weight loss!

Just wanted to post a quick update...I just found out this morning after boot camp that I'm going to be speaking about my experiences with weight loss! My bootcamp is doing free fat loss seminars. Last month we talked about food for fat loss, but this month we want to talk about getting started and finding the motivation to stay healthy... and that's where I come in! :)

I don't know exactly what I'll be saying yet but I have two weeks to prepare and an entire blogs worth of material to pull from ;).

So anyway this is just extra motivation to behave myself this weekend and hit the hotel gym while I'm out of town visiting family (cough lurker Rebecca! cough)...but in case we need extra motivation...

So I'll report back soon and let you know what I'm talking about, it should be a lot of fun!

p.s. as if I was going to forget mentioning this today...

WORLD CUP IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

USA v. Limey's England

Tomorrow Jun. 12 at 2:30 est on ABC!

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Dangrdafne said...

Why wouldn't you use pictures of Rob in your power point?? It can be the picture someone runs towards while on a treadmill ;) LOL!! It could be someone's motivation to lose weight, couldn't it??

I hope you enjoy the World Cup. Because of you I am most likely watching the game tomorrow :)