Saturday, June 26, 2010


Just watch this...listen to the announcers voice! You don't need to understand the language but you'll understand the emotion...

I watched that video, and this one with the actual video like ten times (couldn't find a good quality of the video with this dubbed on youtube)... Every time I watch it I get chills. It's still unreal to me! When it happened, JE ran out of her office wondering if they could take it away from us... my live stream was a little behind hers so when it caught up and I got to see the goal happen and I jumped up and said there's NO WAY they can take that one away from us!!! I swear this team gives me little heart attacks every time I watch them play!

I'm wishing my fighting boys in blue good luck today! I'll be watching from a local bar... finally not stuck depending on univision's live stream in the office! I have my little USA flags ready!

Even RPattz is fired up by the U-S and A!

Germany face Rob's Three Lions tomorrow at 10am est on ESPN...but sorry Robert, as much as I love your pretty face, I'm supporting Die Mannschaft!!

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Dangrdafne said...

I missed that interview. How sweet that he was interested in the US team. Off to find the schedule for the games today. Have a great day!!!