Monday, June 21, 2010

Current Status: My Big Speech is Tonight!

here is yet another segment on this blog where I rant/ramble...especially about the world cup :):

Current Mood: Excited, but nervous!

Current Weight: 186... 23lbs of loss since I started the blog!!! (89lbs of total loss!!! BMI is down again as well!) I didn't meet my goal so I'm giving up sweets for 30 days. UPDATE: I had my measurements taken last night, even though the scale didn't go down much I lost 1/2" in my arms, 1" in my chest, 2 3/4" in my waist, 2" in my hips, 1" in my thigh so i'm still probably building lots of muscle!

Currently Thinking about: My speech tonight, and how I'm kinda sorta, but not really prepared. I have a power point and an outline but I haven't really practiced the talking part, and my braces make me have a tendency to slur a little when I talk so I hope I don't sound like an ass!!

Currently NOT Thinking about: My speech tonight because then I'll get all worked up and even more nervous then I am!

Currently looking online at:! World cup baby! Have you been following?? It's been really unpredictable! I mean, my German boys lost Serbia!!

It's ok Arne, I still think you have mad Defensive skills...
(He may or may not have something to do with my love of the Germans...
but I swear it's only like less than 10%...90% is their playing style, and the other little bit is how awesome it is to say Schweinsteiger's name with an obnoxious German accent lol)

Any-who... back to the news... Spain lost to the Swiss...Argentina giving solid performances, but not much out of my favorite Messi yet... Portugal destroyed North Korea 7-0, Brazil tops Ivory Coast 3-1, France loses to Mexico 0-2, England ties with Algeria leaving them tied for points with us, but behind in actual goals scored! Honestly I was expecting better performances out of them... and Italy proves to be, meh.

The most insane of the groups has been our group...Group C. It's wide open for anyone to advance. And my USA Men have rallied big time and played probably the most exciting game of the tournament so far against Slovenia. We fell behind in the first half but Donovan fired back in the 2nd half keeping hope alive.... You can watch the highlights here.

Michael Bradley's 82nd-minute equaliser!!

Note: These highlights don't show the goal Edu scored in the 86th minute giving us a 3-2 lead but then taken away by and extremely controversial call by the ref. They claim a US player committed a foul...however, I don't think anyone knows what the foul was, or exactly which player committed it.

(read the article in the daily mail)

Two words FIFA: Instant Replay. At the very least challenges should be allowed on some goals. I know you don't like stopping the review the challenges at the half or at the end of the game. You can't rely on the refs eyes alone sometimes when the game moves so fast. Look what happened to Ireland v. France. With some handy magic from Henry, France is allowed in the world cup, but putting up a piss poor performance so far. I'm sure the Irish would have fought harder. Poor judgment cost us 2 points. We absolutely have to beat Algeria to advance now.

Currently looking forward to: More world cup games!

Currently listening to: US Soccer press conference


Dangrdafne said...

Oooo good luck with your speech. Will you be making a video of it to share with us??? I would love to see it.

Because of you The World Cup is on my TV right now while I am home from work today. I have watched all I can and enjoyed most of it. I am also very surprised by England. Not at all what they were supposed to be that is for sure.

Have a great day!!!!

Team Six Pack said...

They did video tape it but I'm not sure when I can get my hands on a copy. I thought I did well, I got choked up at one point, but I pulled through it and I didn't slur or lose my train of thought too often lol.

Dangrdafne said...

I am so proud of you. I am glad you made it through (I knew you would). If you do happen to get a copy of the video, I am serious that I would really like to see it (if you want to share it). Great job!!