Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Foods for Fat Loss

So yesterday I went to a seminar on Fat Loss. We learned more about foods for fat loss and charted our weight and measurements and set up a one month goal. The seminar was really helpful for me because I learned more about foods that help aid the body in weight loss and I learned a few motivational things to help me work on reaching that goal.

The nutrition part of the seminar I found the most fascinating... there's SO much I want to learn about nutrition! They went over a list of 10 foods that are very healthy for you and help aid in fat loss... so I'm going to share the list with you! (Note: I include lots of links in these for further reading if you want :))

1. Cold water fish... Salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna etc.
recommended 3 servings a week (from different sources) or supplement with fish oil.
Benefits: Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Raises good to Bad Fat Ratio...for heart health, brain health, joint pain, healthy skin and weight loss

2. Walnuts
High in Omega 3 fatty acids. The average American diet has an Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio of 15:1. It should be 1:1. Therefore, large amounts of other types of nuts (Omega 6 fats) are not a good thing. For most Americans nuts are not your best choice if you suffer from high blood pressure, excess weight, high cholesterol or diabetes. Omega 6 fats also cause inflammation and are found in a lot of corn based products.

3. Olive Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Coconut Oil (Medium Chain Fatty Acids - MCT)
(TSP Note: remember all things in moderation! coconut oil is used in large quantities in movie theater popcorn which we know packs a lot of calories, BUT small amounts are ok!) Essential Fatty Acids: Overall the best oils for improving heart health, and boosting metabolism. Coconut is quite nutritious (unless your primary source is macaroons). MCT's have many health benefits including raising your body's metabolism and fighting off pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungi.
Coconut Oil
Flaxseed Oil
Olive Oil

4. Green Leafy Vegetables/ Dark Vegetables
Leafy veges are rich in vitamins and minerals, especially magnesium; and they provide natural digestive enzymes.

5. Berries/ Pomegrantes
A rich source of anti-oxidants to help in reversing damage from free-radicals, high in fiber, phytochemicals, and bioflavonoids - [TSP Note: My new favorite snack is 6 oz of plain non-fat yogurt with 1 cup of healthy berries].

6. Red Wine/ Resveratrol
Good for improving heart health, reducing inflammation. (TSP Note: Well... they say that women should not have more than 1 glass a day... anything beyond that is not considered healthy... lets just say that when I do enjoy my wine I make up for all the days I don't ;))
Resveratrol is found in red wines.

7. Garlic
Aside from keeping vampires away and making Italian food delicious garlic is really healthy for you.. here's some benefits: Anti-microbial; helps reduce cholesterol levels, fight inflammation and enhance immunity, protects from hypertension and osteoporosis. More on garlic!

8. Lean Protein/ eggs
Lean proteins found in chicken breast, turkey breast, beans and eggs provide energy for cells and help in metabolism of fats. A diet with plenty of high-quality protein may promote weight loss by increasing the amount of leucine, an amino acid, in the diet. In turn, this will help a person reduce body fat and maintain muscle mass during weight loss. If you're trying to lose weight you should increase your intake of protein. Protein is also important for fueling your work outs and recovery!

9. Quinoa
A super duper whole grain! Quinoa is a complete protein, which means that it contains all the essential amino acids our bodies can’t make on their own.

10. Avocados
High in essential fatty acids and vitamin C and lets face is guacamole with a quirt of lime, some diced tomatoes and red onion is freakin' delish! Read more about avocado health benefits.

11. Red Pepper/Curcumin/ Cinnamon (Spices)
Capsaicin found in peppers may help curb appetite and hinder the storage of fat; curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory; cinnamon helps boost metabolism, and is an aphrodisiac and helps prevent sugar cravings.

Foods to Avoid!
-High Fructose Corn Syrup
- Hydrogenated Oils
-Soy... I know what you're thinking... I thought soy was healthy for me? Well kind of like corn its another mass produced product that's used as filler in a lot of prepackaged foods, but it could also cause food in-tolerances and hormonal issues.
-Fruits should be limited to 2 a day to keep blood sugar levels even.

Another key thing we touched on was accountability. If you have no one to hold yourself accountable to your actions, chances are you won't stick to your goals. They wanted us each to find a motivated accountability partner and also to tell as many people as possible what your goals are whether is weight loss, toning, training for a marathon...what ever that goal may be tell as many people as possible... Why? so they can harass you and keep track of your progress :) Chances are you're going to stick to your goals if you do this because how many of us are going to want to explain to all your friends and family that we failed? Not me! So I'm telling you all...

My goal is to weigh 183lbs by June 17th (6-8lbs of loss).

If I don't reach my goal I'm not allowing any sweets for 30 days.

If I do reach my goal I'm getting a new bathing suit and pool cover up :).

Look at this super cute cover up from anthro!!

Hope it's still in stock/on sale by June 17th!!

I plan on spending many Saturday afternoons (after running) laying in the sun with my kindle by our community pool. I love my kindle, I just got it for my birthday and I've already downloaded all of Jane Austen's books, ...and some new books for summer reading such as Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, On the Road, and Water for Elephants.


Dangrdafne said...

Oooo Bookmarking post right now so I can come back and re-read about the foods to eat (minus the garlic and the spices - they do NOT do my body good LOL).

Congrats on your Kindle - please let me know how you like it. I have been waffling about it and keep deciding on no. Curious on your thoughts?

Love that coverup, very cute. You have good taste :) no pun intended LOL

Good luck with your goals, I have every confidence in you!

Team Six Pack said...

Hey Lady! Thanks for always commenting :) I'm trying to make sure I have more of all of those foods in my diet now. I added some cinnamon to my protein shake yesterday and it was really tasty... you don't eat wheat gluten right? I found this pasta company that makes pastas with other grains http://www.edenpasta.com/products/100wg.html

I had their kamut pasta last night with dinner it tasted just as good as regular pasta, I think I liked it better than whole wheat pasta.

Anyway as for the wrap I am SO SO tempted just to buy it now because it's on sale at anthro and sometimes sale stuff sells out quick there but I have to reach my goal first or no deal... I keep telling myself that!

As for the kindle I love it so far...there's something comforting about being able to turn a page in a good book, but the screen is just like looking at the printed page and the prices on kindle books are so cheep! its saving me money on books and not to mention space! Every few years I had to go through my book shelves and down size, now I don't need to :)