Friday, April 2, 2010

My New Diet...

Well it's official. I'm 17 again...
 I'll just come right out and say it...


Nerd Alert!

I went back to work after having them put on and one of my co-workers made fun of my voice... another asked me if I was invited to prom yet. Yep all the stereotypes are true, you spit, you slurp, and you spit and slurp while talking. I don't think I could have survived this in high school. I'm having a hard enough time a decade later. I gotta give props to all the teens who have these, cause these bitches HURT. I feel like I've been punched in the mouth.

I've been 17 again for only 3 days now... and food has not been my friend. The act of chewing hurts, and everyone at the dentist office says I should just enjoy some ice cream for the pain.

WHAT!!! NO. I can't develop an ice cream addiction for the next 14 months. Yep, 14-16 months of treatment time.... I'll be 17 for a while.

So basically my new diet consists of soft foods, oatmeal, yogurt, soups, eggs, pasta and rice. Chewing bread and chicken is pretty much unbearable right now even in super tiny tiny peices, but I've been told that it will get better. But even after it gets better I'm still restricted from eating certain foods...

No bagels or Pizza crust... which I understand now because it hurts to freakin' chew them! But Pizza is a weakness of mine so this will be a way for me to avoid it.

No sticky foods... that means no more sneaking a mini snickers bar from the office supply closet!

No popcorn... this breaks my heart! I was looking forward to enjoying a small bag of popcorn at the eclipse midnight show as a cheat treat... and now I'm denied!! NO POPCORN?!? CRIES!!!

No sugary drinks... No problem here... I rarely if ever drink soda or fruit juices. I'm a sparkling water gal.

No Hard Food... No carrots no apples, no corn on the cob! This makes me sad too, I love these foods, I can still eat them but they must be cut, sliced or taken off the cob. BOO!

So basically right now I've been surviving off of soft foods, and water. No snacks! This is one thing I'm happy about. I'm not snacking... on anything! I think because my mouth is so sore I don't even think about food, and also keeping these things clean are a pain in the if I'm going to eat I'm having a full meal! I hope this newly restricted diet helps me lose even more weight!

The only other downfall I've noticed is that I can't chew gum... and I thought oh well duh no big deal I'll just have mints handy...but I didn't think about what to do when it came to running. I chew gum when I run to help keep my mouth from drying out and I ran 5 miles yesterday and I really wished I had gum to chew on...but ok possibly TMI right now, you salivate a lot with these things in your mouth so it wasn't too much of a problem it was just... ew! Going to have to figure out what other runners with braces do for this problem.

So that's my new diet. :)

p.s. I graduated to salad for lunch today...however it took me forever to eat it and I had to have it in very small pieces and mostly only ate the leafy parts.... baby steps!


shoewhoreninja said...

Awww... Brace Face! :) I love it! No worries, you will love your new teeth when they are off! Good for you! I know you are so proud! And ya didn't need the damn snickers anyway!

Team Six Pack said...

LOL exactly, there are pro's to having these on... No snickers, and it takes me so long to eat I just get frustrated and give up after a while.. but really I've been told that you should chew slowly and eat slowly so you can allow your stomach to realize it's full.

Dangrdafne said...

More power to you is all I can say. I luckily never had braces but my sister did and I remember all the aggravation they caused but she did end up with amazing looking teeth, so she felt it was worth it. Good luck!

Team Six Pack said...

I know it will be worth it once I get them off... I've had them only for a little over a week now and I'm already looking forward to that day :)