Monday, March 29, 2010

Soccer Sunday's: Eau de Bengay

So soccer this weekend was kind of a bust. It was a bad soccer weekend for me. They can’t all be good. It started Saturday; I had my first game with my women’s league. I only played about 15 minutes before I had to leave the game. I went for a header and didn’t get there in time and in order to avoid a hand ball I snapped my arm back really fast and did some sort of awkward turn and as a result I instantly had pain shoot between my shoulder blades and up my neck. I tried to shake it out but I found pretty quickly I couldn’t move my neck from side to side! WTH!

I swear I am the only person on the planet who injures themselves by not doing anything at all…I never have another player to blame for pushing me or tackling or whatever… I always manage to hurt myself! Case in point, last fall I hurt my foot just by running on a muddy uneven surface…must have twisted it the wrong way or something. Not laying off of it resulting in me having to sit out a week of soccer….and now this.

I sat on the sidelines the rest of the game trying anything I could think of to stretch my neck and back out but nothing worked so I laid down, but then I found I couldn’t get up again because I couldn’t lift my head up! I had to roll over to stand! When I finally got up I stood like Lurch all hunched over because I couldn’t stand up straight and I couldn’t turn my neck to see in my peripheral. It was attractive let me tell you. Driving home was fun. But on the plus side my ladies team rocked it and we won 3-0!! I tried my best to cheer them on with out moving haha.

After the game I hit up the drug store for some icy hot cream and pads, and then I laid down for the rest of the afternoon. Smelling like bengay and I took like 800mg of ibprophin. I felt better after that, but had a shitty night’s sleep because I couldn’t get comfortable and I woke up the pain reduced itself to one area. I now had a culprit. My freakin' left shoulder!

I HATE my left shoulder! I’ve injured it umpteenth times. It’s always been out of whack and I think it’s been that way since high school when I threw shot put and discus for the track team. I injured it when I was 22 (carrying an overly heavy camera bag for several hours with out evenly distributing the weight…big no-no ladies), then again at 26…playing softball just by throwing the ball. Once again… I hurt myself doing nothing!

So I’ve done the whole physical therapy thing, it didn’t really help. I’ve been getting massages every month sometimes twice a month which is costing me a pretty penny…but it’s never been right and I just learned to modify my work outs once I start to feel the muscle fatigue. For example I can only do about three regular pushups before I have to do pushups on my knees because I feel the muscle about to give. Side planks on my left side are near impossible because I can’t really weight bear, and tricep dips are pretty much a no-no for me. I don’t every carry a shoulder bag on my left side, I won’t play any sport that involves throwing, hell half the time I won’t even take a throw-in in soccer…but I still managed to hurt myself!...Doing nothing! Grr!

Ok Deep breath!

Back to soccer. So I was laid up most of Sunday as well. By the afternoon I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be able to make my game at night, but constant rotation of icy hot/ ice pack/ Tylenol / laying down on a memory foam pillow I felt better by 6 in the evening…which left me two hours from game time. And I REALLY wanted to play!

Soccer is like a drug to me… It’s my own personal brand of exercise heroine! LOL! If I have a game and I’m not out of state…I want to play!

So by game time I had minimal pain in my neck and I could move it side to side, my shoulder…well lets just say the Tylenol and icy hot took care of that for me (Eau de bengay is my newest fragrance). So I was ready to play. Mother Nature had other plans. It POURED it’s ass off. And I’m talking sideways monsoon rain. But we play on a turf field so there was no reason to call the game for bad field conditions. So, to quote Wayne’s World… GAME OOOON!

By the end of we were all a sopping we mess… not a dry article of clothing on my body, shirts, socks, shorts, shoes, and undergarments… all of it was soaked. And we lost…but hey the conditions were tough, especially when we spent the first half with rain in our eyes. The second half of the game the rain was on our backs and we could actually see the field but the other team was already so far ahead in goals.

So I got to play, I didn’t play well and I also ran off and left behind my water bottles because I was in such a hurry to get out of the rain. That makes water bottles #3 and #4 that I’ve lost in the last month! DOH!

Well… that’s enough griping from me I have an extra long massage scheduled tonight so I’m looking forward to that!


Dangrdafne said...

First, what did you need a water bottle for in all that rain :)??? You probably could have just opened your mouth to the skies and hydrated yourself. tee hee

Have you tried a chiropractor for your shoulder problem? I know lots of people don't like them but they saved me from day lost headaches and neck pain galore. I can ask mine if he knows anyone in your area to refer you to. Let me know. I hate to think of you in pain.

Team Six Pack said...

There's a chiropractor that works at the office my massage therapist is located in...I don't know if I need one. I think I have more of a tendinitis problem, but then again my joint does click around back there...hmmm.

Dangrdafne said...

The worst is that the chiropractor won't be able to help you. The best is they can fix your problem or at least alleviate some of the pain. I hope you will investigate it. I know I would still be suffering terribly if I didn't take the plunge and see the chiropractor all those years ago. One of the best things I ever did for my body :) Good luck