Sunday, March 21, 2010

Soccer Sunday: Detoxing from TEJAS!

Hey, ya'll I'm back from Texas! Don't worry the accent has not permanently rubbed off on me. So, I had two predictions for my trip... Liver failure and hearing damage and I think I accomplished both!

I saw amazing music at SXSW and in Dallas, I danced like no one else was watching (or Ashley aka shoewhore would say rather that my bangs danced), I enjoyed bbq and tex-mex and muchos mixed drinks. Basically I threw all my rules out the door the second I stepped foot in Tejas...well sorta I did work out for 2 hours straight ran 3 miles and killed my abs and legs the first day I was there.... but AFTER that all my rules were gone...and I don't regret a second of it.

I had a fabulous time, and I met wonderful people that I hope to call my friends for a long time to come.

But now I'm back home in the north east and it's time to get back to my routine. I'm happy to report that if anything the scale might have gone up only a pound or two from my week of debauchery. But now that I'm home and it's spring time that only means one thing... OUT DOOR SOCCER!!!! :D

Dear readers bear with me for my first week of spring soccer sunday's!

Today I had a game with my co-ed team. Now that I've been with this league for more than 3 seasons I'm starting to feel a bit of comraderie on and off the field with people I've played with or play with currently. I'm happy to see some of my team mates from last fall, and even two fall's ago are on my team again.

We did not win tonight, but I don't think we played a bad game either... The frustration of soccer is that sometimes you wish the cross bar was a little higher, other times when a ball is being shot against you're goal you want it lower or right where it is lol. We had a lot of close shots but unfortunately couldn't make it into the back of the net.

I played defense and outside-mid this game. I hadn't played mid in probably close to two years and I forgot how much running you have to do, basically you better be able to sprint the entire distance of the field. I hadn't done much sprinting in general while I played indoor because the field was too tiny to really run on. At one point I had a corner kick come right to me and I tried to fight through the other teams D..the goal was just in my sights but I didn't make anything happen.

Then I was back on D and I had one moment where I could have used a little coaching, I just wasn't sure who I should have covered and my hesitating allowed someone to run through and they scored off of a pass from the outside.

Over all I'm not disappointed with how I played despite the fact that I hadn't worked out in 5 days and hadn't done a whole lot to build of my endurance for a game on a larger field...and I'm happy to be with yet another talented group of soccer players. Our season record so far is 1 tie 1 loss but we have an entire long season ahead of us! So wish me luck!

Stay tuned this week I'm going to make a post on legs and ass! But for now I'm off to geek out and read my twilight graphic novel... seriously impressed with the drawings. I've never seen a manga comic book before (figures twilight is my first in this department as well), but I really like it.

p.s. Uber happy to report when I weighed in this morning at bootcamp that I was actually DOWN a pound and not up at all...maybe I didn't eat as terribly as I thought and that dancing must have helped ;)

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Karin said...

Hey sounds like you had a great time in Tejas! I have been such a slacker on commenting on your blog *sigh* Oh btw I mentioned this blog in a post that will be going up on my blog in about a week (hope you don't mind :o) ) Well glad you are back! TTYL