Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hey Murphy Screw You! And Your Law Too!

Warning venting ahead...

So, if you haven't noticed I never posted a Soccer Sunday update this week or many entries at all. This is mostly because I am pissed off. Really fucking pissed off right now. I mean so pissed the only solution I can think of is ranting on my blog.

Story time!

I wasn't supposed to play a soccer game this Saturday. It was a bye week for me and I was planning on going for a run instead to continue race training. However, I got the call that our other team (because we're popular and awesome like that we were split in two teams) needed subs. Like any addict I jumped for a chance to get a fix...

So anyway, I figured hey... I'd still be running I played soccer.  The first half of the game was fine. No problems what so ever. Second half of the game (you know when you switch sides of the field) the entire back end of that side was a god damn swamp! looks like a blast!

Ok, I'm exaggerating, it wasn't that bad, but every step I took felt like I was running in quick sand... and some how don't ask me how because I'm special like this, and I swear I only EVER manage to hurt myself doing NOTHING, I hurt my foot. Of course I didn't realize this until after the game when I took my cleats off and started walking on it that it hurt to walk on it.  So I walked around a bit, then I went out for lunch with my team mate and we walked around a little more as we went shopping. All the while it hurt but I'm thinking whatever it's just a kink it will work itself out.

Sunday I had another game, and my ankle wasn't bothering me too much anymore so I wrapped that sucker up in an ace bandage and kicked some defensive ass! I believe we won 3-1! GO TEAM! However immediately after the game it hurt again this time I needed something more supportive than an ace bandage.

This has been my fucking right foot for the entire week!

I decided to rest Monday... attempted bootcamp on Tuesday, and the little bit of running I did was not fun. Later that day I walked a few blocks to the bank and to grab lunch and I started getting shooting pains along my foot. Again, WHAT THE FUCK!! What the fuck did I do to it!? It's not swollen, it's not bruised, sometimes I can walk on it fine, sometimes it just fucking hurts!

I chilled out Wednesday, I even passed on playing my make up soccer game because I didn't want to risk further injury...see I told you I could quit if I needed too. Today I went with out wrapping it and it felt ok, but then this evening I took my parents dog for a walk, again only around the block, not very far and I got those shooting pains again.

How the FUCK am I supposed run 7.3 miles on Saturday!?!?!

All week I've kept telling myself it will be ok, you're fine it's not THAT bad...but then what happened tonight when all I did was walk around the block and it started throbing totally crushed me head has been like a tug of war...

Maybe it will get better (thought that happened today, wasn't so lucky)

Maybe I should throw in the towel for Saturday?

Maybe I should pop a few tylenol and give it a go anyway...
but what if I hurt it more and then i'm sidelined even longer??

The race is a little more than 24 hours away and I don't know what to do! I'm in full on freak out mode! I don't know if I can run and I've been avoiding talking about it because I just keep hoping it will turn around. I've been excited about this for over two months, I've been training for this. I really want to do this race, I want to cross that finish line, I want that sense of accomplishment. And it's my only shot because this race only happens once a year, it's not like my soccer games where I can sit out one because there's another one a few days later. This is it! And OF COURSE it had to come down to the wire like this for me. Murphy's Fucking Law.

Yeah I know boo-hoo right? Big fucking baby. I know it could be much worse and I could be seriously injured instead of just having some unknown nagging injury. But I feel completely gutted right now.

However after crying (yup, big baby) over it for a little while, I've determined that IF I can't run Saturday (because I'm still hoping that tomorrow I wake up and I'm bouncing off the walls on my right foot) but anyway I've decided if it comes down to it and I don't run the relay, as soon as I feel able to run I am running those god damn 7.3 miles and I'll make my own damn finish line out of side walk chalk if I need to.

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