Sunday, October 11, 2009

Race Results!!

Just a quick post for now. I wanted to share the results of yesterdays relay race for the 9th annual Baltimore Marathon!

My time: 1 h: 24m :10sec for 7.3 miles putting me at about 11.5 minute miles!!

Reading back through the blog just now I saw posts where I was amazed that I ran two miles, then I was amazed that I ran three...back even further towards the beginning of the blog I posted about how I didn't even *like* distance running... my how the tables have turned! I kind of enjoy it now, it clears my head and the only thing I think about is how I need to keep pushing and not give up! It's a very uplifting feeling!

Our team's total time for the entire race was an whole 8 minutes ahead of our 2nd team making my team the winners over my co-workers (Just Erins) team! They didn't think we were going to beat them.

Now, can we say bragging rights!

The office should be an interesting place on Monday when I come in there with a stereo on my shoulder blaring Queen's We Are the Champions (not like I'm trying to rub in in or anything...just poking the bear a little ;)) and handing out our medals to my team mates. Hey, placing in the high 200's near 300's is nothing to be ashamed of! :D

Better than placing over 300 ;) Take that Team 2!

JK, seriously 3 cheers for everyone who ran... WE DID IT!!!!!!

(**Just for the record Just Erin was not part of the badgering that came from her team saying we were going to lose & and she also ran 20.5 miles of the marathon!!!! Holy cow! She's a super distance runner and a huge inspiration! I have no idea how she runs that far!!)

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