Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How Are You're Going to Stay Fit on Thanksgiving?

So what are your typical plans for Thanksgiving?? If you asked me two years ago I probably would have said I would be doing activities similar to that of a two-toed sloth. ie. Nothing.

And on top of laying around doing nothing, I would have eaten ton of food, pie and pumpkin roll.

I've decided from now on every Thanksgiving morning I'm going to do something to keep active.

Last year on Thanksgiving day I played a pick up soccer game for two hours straight and it was awesome fun! Especially when we were kicked off the turf and forced to play in the mud. Always good times :)

This year, I'm going to do a Turkey Trot!

What's a Turkey Trot?

Well, since you asked... a Turkey Trot is a race held on Thanksgiving Day and most of races donate the sign up fee to charity, since it is the day to give thanks and all :)

And if that wasn't enough...the best part... These races are held all over the country so there's a good chance there's a race being held near you!!

The link above will take you to where you can enter in your zip code to find the nearest race.

So what are you going to do this Thanksgiving morning? Be like me two years ago and lay in bed all morning then roll out of bed and make yourself presentable before you stuff your face?

Or are you going get out there and do something healthy and fun!?

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