Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey Trot a la mode!

That's me running towards the pumpkin pie... kidding...ok maybe not...

So the turkey trot I ran on Thanksgiving morning ended up being a lot of fun. I didn't really pay attention to the route or distance, the entire time I'm thinking it's just a 5k which is nothing at all...but it turned out be 5 miles not 5k oops! Oh well, no biggie right? I can run five miles... but THEN I also didn't realize that the route was all rolling hills, mostly just up hill then flat then up hill again and very few down hills! Which I wasn't aware of until we reached the first one...and they just kept coming.

I usually run on a route that has some hills, but this was a lot of hills! And it killed my calf muscles. My right in particular started to cramp up so I had to stop to stretch it. Then during another big hill a sudden pain shot through my calf and I had to stop to stretch yet again! I also got side stitches which is something that never happens to me. Hasn't happened since I was a teenager that I can recall. I didn't even get side pain the entire time I trained for the relay or during the actual race. It must have been those hills! So needless to say I was a bit uncomfortable for the entire run, but I wanted to finish so I pushed through it. If it hadn't been for members of my bootcamp encouraging me a long it probably would have been a lot more grueling.

When the finish line was in sight I sprinted for the end (for once we were on flat ground) and finished strong. The run wasn't timed but we calculated that it was done in about an hour so I ran about 11 minute miles. So despite the aches and pains during the run we got a great exercise in the morning of Thanksgiving and (the best part) we all donated money for research towards Chron's Disease and Colitus.

I then proceeded Thanksgiving Eve to sample pretty much every dessert there was...and I'm not going to say the total number of variety but let's just say everything that had pumpkin in it, I went for, especially the pie with the cinnamon and pecan crust that my grandmother made...holy dessert heaven batman! *Bad Team Six Pack bad!*

Friday morning I got up and went to boot camp and had a great hour long full body work out...then I proceeded to destroy my diet the rest of the day with a turkey burger, some french fries and a small movie theater popcorn and small coke...(It's black Friday... I don't step foot near a mall or store if I can avoid it... movies are usually my other option for entertainment)

(Needless to say my next post will be about brushing up my diet)

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