Sunday, November 8, 2009

Soccer Sunday's: The End of the Road

What!? There's no crying in soccer!

Ok, well maybe just a little crying...but only because the seasons have ended and there's NO soccer for months as boring cold winter settles into the north east! Boo! Yes, I know I could play indoor but honestly I'm not a huge fan of indoor...however, I might end up breaking down and playing if I go soccer stir crazy in the middle of the winter.

So here's a recap of this weekend's games....

Saturday w/ my ladies team: Game 1. To say the field we played on sucked is putting it lightly. It's on a low ground and runs slightly down hill, so with several weeks of rain in a row it was a choppy muddy freakin' mess and very difficult to get your footing in when you're constantly sinking and sliding in the mud. (note: this was the same field I hurt my foot on, I did not go balls out during this game because I did not want a repeat of that mess). We tied 1-1, and over all it wasn't very exciting because as I said before the field was difficult to play on for both sides.

Game 2: Back to back soccer baby! We got to switch fields and play on a field that was less choppy, actually flat and dry. We also played a comptetive team--we play on the rec level which means we're out there for the fun of it not necessarily for victory all the time but hey, winning is nice too. The competitive team played a man down, but we were playing on tired legs so in my opinion we were equally matched. They dominated the first half of the game and managed to score one on us. However second half of the match we got our rhythm going and scored 3 goals two were headers...always beautiful when you score on a header! (see: Messi in this years champions league final.) Anyway, despite the other team supposedly having more skill than us we won 3-1. It was a great feeling and a great way to end our season which mostly got rained out!

Sunday Co-ed league: This was the first round of play-offs for us (second round for other teams who were placed lower). We were up against the team that was tied for third place with us that we defeated 5 or 6 to nothing a couple weeks ago. We knew they were unlucky that game and that they weren't going down with out a fight this game. By then end of the second quarter they scored two goals on us. Start of the third quarter we got a break when one of their defenders scored an own goal (take what you can get right?) and then we came back a few minutes later and put another one into the back of the net tying the match. The rest of the game was an all out fight for another goal during regulation time. Neither side was successful so we went into over time which is five minute golden goal, end of the first five minutes we were still tied. So we're now in double over time, down to the last minute it's looking like we're going into PK's at this point but from a corner kick a header was chipped into the top corner of our net. It was impossible to stop and our playoff hopes were squashed with that one goal and our season ended. Over all it was a closely matched game and well fought game. Not happy with the results but it is what it is. We still managed to have a great season and I think third place during regular season play is nothing to scoff at :) Bring on next season!

For now though I need to bump up my running make sure I stay conditioned for the sprinting and get back out there and keep up my ball skills. The end of soccer season means there's two less days a week that I'm working out so I still want to make sure I work out 6 days a week.

Trying not to cry right now because this is my last Soccer Sunday for a while! *sad face!*

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