Monday, November 30, 2009

Sometimes We All Need a Friendly Diet Reminder!

So TSP, remember that portion control diet [correction: lifestyle change] you've been on for the past oh, year and 8 months.

Of course how could I forget?

Right, so remember how last week you just threw it all out the window and went buck wild, like girls gone wild - on a slice of pumpkin pie - wild...

*ducks and covers* yeaaaaahhh.....

And you didn't just stop (or start) with Thanksgiving dinner... you had Mexican food the night before and then the day after you had a turkey burger and fries...

Well, they were fresh cut!

Right, doesn't count.
And there was old bay on them! You don't say NO to french fries with old bay... you can't!!

Excuses! Excuses! And then you went to the movies right after that and had a small popcorn and a coke.

*pouts* But I worked out that morning! and ran 5 miles Thanksgiving day! and worked out two other days before that!

Yeah, and how about how for the past oh, two months or so you've stopped logging your calories on sparkpeople?

Well I started writing a diet journal recently instead...


But it's not exactly working because I don't always have the calorie information in front of me, and I'm not exactly being super strict about measuring my portions either.

So you ended up breaking your diet, even if you don't realize you do

Uh, ya. I confess I do. Especially because I'm not being super observant.

And you know what this means?

That I'm only maintaining my weight instead of losing :(

You know what you need to do...and Knowing is half the battle!

Ok Ok, so yes, I confess I haven't been very vigilant with my diet for a while now. I've still lost a few inches of body fat because of my work outs, but I'm super annoyed the the scale hasn't gone down in over two months. I know it's not always about the scale and that I am doing a lot of strength training, but I also know that my diet needs improvement. I have no one to blame but myself for this because no one sat there and forced me to eat pumpkin pie, pumpkin roll, pizza, Mexican, Indian, burgers, fries and movie popcorn.... So I'm back on logging in everything I eat!

I started Saturday so I'm only 3 days back being strict with my 1500 calorie a day diet and I'm measuring my portions again too! So wish me luck, I hope I see some results by the end of the week! I think I'll know after two weeks if this is making a difference or if I really can blame the strength training ;)...but I'm not going to lie to myself I know my diet needs improvement and sometimes I just need a refresher every so often to get myself back on the right track to healthy eating!

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