Monday, August 24, 2009

My Work Out Mix is in Major Need of an Overhaul!!!

Like a lot of folks out there I need music with a good beat to keep me going sometimes.

But I'm so bored with my gym mix that lately I've actually stopped using my ipod shuffle during my work outs. However, there's a major problem with doing this... major lack of motivation to move!!!!

I have to start training for the relay that I blogged about just below this, but I don't have any good music! And I can no longer run to any of the following:

Some Muse songs used to make me haul ass for my sprint intervals, now I'm dragging ass...

The beat of this Doves song along with a few of their other songs really used to motivate me (and make me want to drive at excessive speeds)

More crazy pounding drum beats used to = me pounding the pavement...but I'm wearing it out.

I have a remix of this song that is pushed up to a faster tempo and it's pretty awesome... but again, I'm tired of it!




Whitley said...

I have this same exact problem! I get extremely bored with my music very fast and plus I'm very picky about what I listen to, so this is difficult for me.

Here is a list of my suggestions. I have a very ecclectic taste (some of these are cheesy, making it even more fun to work out to), and I promise that all these songs will get you moving.

1. Switch- Will Smith
2. Got It From My Mama- Wil.I.Am
3. Pull Over (That Ass Too Fat)-Trina f. Trick Daddy
4.Release-Timbaland f Justin Timberlake (this is my fave!)
5.Shout- The Isley Brothers
6.Sex Type Thing- Stone Temple Pilots
7.Spice Up Your Life! Spice Girls
8.Sandcastle Disco- Solange
9.Spin Spin Sugar- Sneaker Pimps
10.Objection (Tango)- Shakira
11. Magic- Robin Thicke
12.Shut Up and Drive- Rihanna
13.Killing In The Name Of- Rage Against The Machine
14.Buttonz- Pussycat Dolls f Snoop Dogg
15.Gett Off- Prince
16. Krazy- Pitbull f. Little John (this is a must have for me when I run. The chrous is awesome)
17.Get Freaky- Pitbull
18. Make It Vibrate- Petey Pablo
19. Bombs Over Bahgdad- Outkast (stong bass in this one)
20. No Strings Attached -NSYNC
21. Here We Go- NSYNC
22.Rock Star- NERD
23.Do It- Nelly Furtado (this song reminds me of Rob lol)
24.Na-NaNa-Na- Nelly
25. Fly On The Wall- Miley Cyrus (cheesy song, but good chorus)
26.Don't Stop Till You Get Enough- Michael Jackson
27. Ray Of Light- Madonna
28. Get It Shorty- Lloyd
29. Lipstick and Bruises
30. Lipgloss- Lil Mama
31. Whole Lotta Love- Led Zepplin
32. Immigrant Song- Led Zepplin
33. Kashmir- Led Zepplin
34. Houses of The Holy- Led Zepplin
35. Sex On Fire- Kings of Leon
36. How I Feel- Kelly Clarkson
37. Milkshake- Kelis
38. Love Stoned- Justin Timberlake
39. Damn Girl- Justin Timberlake
40. SexyBack- Justin Timberlake
41. Chop Me Up- Justin Timberlake
42. La La La (Excuse Me Miss)- Jay Z
43. Clothes Off! - Gym Class Heroes
44. I Just Want To Live- Good Charlotte
45. I'll Fly With You- Gigi D'Agostino
46. Special- Garbage
47. Fergalicious- Fergie
48. Bootylicious- Destiny's Child
49. My Band- D12
50. Candy Man- Christina Aguilera
51. Balla Baby- Chingy
52. River Deep, Mountain High- Celine Dion
53. Bella's Lullaby (Remix)- Carter Burwell (awesome to work out to!)
54. Light Your Ass On Fire- Busta Ryhmes
55. Get It Girl- Bun B f Ying Yang Twins
56. Crazy Bitch- Buckcherry
57. Next To You- Buckcherry
58. Get Back- Buckcherry
59. Ms. New Booty- Bubba Sparxx
60. Hey Baby- Bow Wow f Omarion
And, pretty much anything by Britney Spears and The Black Eyed Peas.

I know this was long, but hopefully you like at least a few things on this list! Let me know how it works out!

-Whitley (

Whitley said...

P.S- I'm also trying to lose weight and eat healthier, and you give great tips! I'm adding this and I Love Boys Who Sparkle to the blogroll on my site.

-Whitley (