Monday, August 3, 2009

Yesterday I Ran Two Miles Straight, Tomorrow I'm Taking Over the World!

I had a pretty bad weekend and when I say bad I mean BAD. It all went down hill on Friday. It can be explained by this simple mathematical equation:



Margarita's + Sail Boats = French Fries.

Got that? Say no to a Margarita Cruise. Margaritas are like a gateway drug to bad food. I could make a more extensive blog post explaining how alcohol works against your diet, but you know what...I never gave up alcohol since I made my "life style change", so I'm not about to get all preachy and say Don't Drink. I'll just say don't drink a lot! Alcohol has a lot of empty calories and usually lowers your inhibitions and then you start having bad judgment like I did... you end up with french fries.

So yeah, I still drink alcohol, I'm sure if some dietitian type came across my blog they'd be shaking their head him shame saying how bad it is for my diet and that I might be setting a bad example. I KNOW. I get it. I've read all about it. I still enjoy an occasional drink. I'm an adult... it's allowed. I just don't drink often. I drink maybe every other weekend at most and I try never to drink two nights in a row if it happens to be a weekend that I drink. This happened to be one of my weekends to drink. All things in moderation my friends. So that was Friday night.

Saturday night went a little something like this: Hang over recovery + shopping + 500 Days of Summer (which is Awesome! btw) + shared 1 small popcorn + Dinner out afterwords chicken breast sandwich & french fries (didn't eat the roll and only ate half the fries) + 1 Beer + 1 firefly = WHAT THE F WAS I THINKING!??!

Do you ever have those moments in time where you wish you could step out side of yourself and say "HEY! Stupid! What are you doing right now! This is BAD!" Yea, I sometimes wish I had that ability. Clearly I didn't lose any weight this week.

So by the time Sunday rolled around I was feeling pretty down on myself. I kept looking in the mirror thinking "Fat & Lazy!". I'm irrational I know... only I skipped working out one day and ate french fries twice! Plus, Baggy pajamas and bed hair didn't really help my self image much either. I know I generally try to stay positive on the blog, but truthfully dieting really is an emotional roller coaster. Some days I feel awesome about myself, other days I feel like I haven't lost a single pound. I'm not naturally the type of person to wake up and greet every morning with a smile. Usually I greet the day with a groan and a fist...directed at my alarm clock (switching to using my blackberry storm as my alarm clock though has changed the fist to slight tap of the finger instead, but I still groan). I don't have a chipper attitude 24/7 in fact I'm down right grumpy and bitchy when I want to be.

But I have no excuse to wallow in misery. It was no ones fault but my own that I drank my weight in margarita's and then ate french fries with two of my meals. So I could either lie around and read fan fiction and feel even worse about myself or I could get up and stop being lazy. I chose the latter.

So I went to the track yesterday after a weekend of sloth and bad food. Typically I only jog a mile then I stretch and start kicking the soccer ball around. But yesterday I felt I needed to push myself a little more and I thought why the hell not let's go for a mile and 1/4. When I reached that mark I was like eh I could do another lap. At a mile and 1/2 I was like you know what I might as well just see if I can keep going.

I ran two miles with out stopping! I've never done that before, ever!! And afterwords I wasn't even winded!!

I felt like Simon Pegg in Run Fat Boy Run
after he completed his first block!

I could have gone for more but I was bored and I really wanted to goof around with the soccer ball before it became too late in the evening so I stopped.

But I've got a challenge for myself for tonight's work out.

Tonight I'm going to go for 3 miles straight!!!! I can do it, I know I can!!!


Snarkier Than You said...

WOW congrats on the 2-mile run! I don't think i could run two miles if I was being chased - lol! Er, ok, I am not really kidding... Gosh that's sad... Anyway, sometimes it's ok to have some drinks and maybe even some french fries. It's not like you are going to totally fall off the healthy-living wagon, right? Enjoy, I say! Don't beat yourself up, because it sounds like you have done amazing things since you started eating healthy and exercising. Hat's off to you!

Team_SixPack said...

Aww thanks STY!!! I know I'm being hard on myself about the french fries... I have a flair for dramatics. I whine about it then I get over it lol. My co-worker was ripping on me about how I need to enjoy myself and have "fun" more often because I'll still meet my goals anyway, I'm still working on the guilt trips though.