Monday, September 7, 2009

I Have Exorcised My Closet!

Since I started my weight loss journey every few months I have needed to buy new clothes as my older ones became too big.

I started my weight loss in April 2008 and in the year and four months since, I hadn't gotten around to getting rid of a single article of clothing. Why was I holding on to my big clothes??

Deep in the back of my mind, a tiny voice was always wondering what if I suddenly got big again? Would I need those clothes again?

But then I got to thinking... TEAM SIX PACK ARE YOU F-ing NUTS!?!? You haven't been working hard all this time for nothing! You wouldn't allow yourself to fall back into old habits, you don't exercise 6 days a week for nothing! What the hell do you need all those fat clothes for?? (And why the hell are you blogging in 2nd person??)

So I did it, I Exorcised My Closet...

had a Closet Cleansing....

Fat clothes (and shoes and ugly purses) from my previous life are GONE! you'd be surprised at some of the things lurking there....

Remember this???

I posted this picture in my first post on the blog

This was the bridesmaid dress I wore in 2006....

It was still in the back of my closet next to my college cap and gown and last years Halloween costume....

The Sis and I did a fashion shoot before it was bagged up for the good will, hopefully someone might need a cheep prom dress.

If you notice the picture from 2006 that dress fell about mid-calf on me because I filled it out.

Now it was down to my ankles.
So long brides maid dress, good riddance!

I also came across a pair of size 20 blue jeans....

These were literally falling off of me. The Sis even tried to jump inside but I still have 30 more pounds that I want to lose.

These I didn't get rid of. I want to show them off to my fellow boot campers when I reach my weight loss goal.

Plus I'll be able to say to others, look where I was! Look what is possible! This doesn't just happen on Oprah!

So my closet has now been properly cleaned. I feel a huge burden (and several pounds of clothes) has been lifted off my shoulders. I have a $75 gift card to Anthropolgie (aka my personal brand of fashion heroin) that I need to spend on some new fall fashion (however at Anthro that usually only equals one shirt so looks like i'll be hitting up TJMaxx for some left overs too), in last years fall clothes I was a good 35lbs heavier at the time so those are now gone.

This makes it official now, they're gone and I AM NEVER GOING TO FIT IN THOSE CLOTHES AGAIN!!!

Now that I have space in my closet, there's clearly more important things I need to fill it with....SMALLER CLOTHES!!! :)

p.s.If you're new to this blog and you're wondering how I got from 2006 me to 2009 me READ THIS POST!! :)


Shiny Volvo Owner said...

I'm really happy for you.
I really do wish I had your motivation, I need to shift my weight lol
And I second the tee idea. But just get some glitter fabric paints and stick it on hehe :P

Team_SixPack said...

Thanks girl :)

I was thinking of buying a beadazzler and making rhinestone encrusted tee's but I really don't have the patience for that. but then one of our bloggy friends told us that they sell sparkly iron on letters! so we'll be making tee's out of those :)