Sunday, September 6, 2009

Soccer Sunday's: A hard fought loss

Soccer Sunday's Week 2 -

Well this Sunday's game was a hard fought loss (3-2). Two of the goals scored by the other team were cheep, undeserved goals that accidentally rolled in with out any real attempts at taking a shot at goal. While our two goals were beautifully scored by our talented forwards. So if you want to count quality we won by a point ;)

I think over all we took more shots on goal, but we weren't connecting with the back of the net. A lot sailed high, several hit the posts -- I always watch in agony over those shots, they always look like they're going in and if the ball were ever so slightly off from where it was they would have been goals.

Over all I'm not too disappointed with my performance. I did make one big mistake, a pass was coming right to me and it slipped just past my foot and went out of bounds. I always hate it when I make mistakes, mentally it's sometimes tough to get yourself back in the game. I think the natural tendency is to beat your self up for a bit, but you have to snap out of it because the game doesn't stop. Fortunately, after the throw in I gave up our stopper did a nice play where he kept possession of the ball but let it roll out with out touching it so that we could have a goal kick. Then I was able to bounce back because a similar pass was made to me and this time I didn't miss it and I was able to pass it directly up the line to one of our mids.

So like I said over all I'm not disappointed with my performance. I think I did more good defending through out the match and only made that one mistake which ended up not hurting us just wasting a little time. It was a hard fought game, and I'm very happy with how well we played, but unfortunately we fell by 1 point. It's only game two of the season and we're 1 - 1. Plenty of time left to keep on winning!

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