Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Soccer Sunday's: When Balls Play & Not Brains

Yep, I know it's Tuesday & I'm late posting this one, but I needed time to process the soccer events this weekend.

I'm not sure how else to describe this weekend's co-ed game as anything other than bizarre!

I've never seen so many yellow and then red cards fly at a rec level game. Especially considering that none of the cards were really warranted. None of the fouls called were for disrespectful or dangerous play towards other players. To me that warrants cards. These fouls were called for a collision, which happens. Hell, even I collided with another player earlier in the game. It's a contact sport, we're not supposed to curtsy and say "Good Day, Sir" as we let the other team blow by us with the ball. Sometimes we run into each other. This same ref called me on a charging foul during Saturday's ladies game. I had possession of the ball, I was moving up the field and a girl who was probably 110 pounds wet came running at me from the side. I passed the ball just before she slammed into me and dramatically fell over. Sorry, but you all know my weight since I've announced it on the blog, someone who is 110 pounds isn't going to knock me over...they bounce off of me, that's just physics ;). However, I was called on a charging foul. Fair? Not in my opinion. But I don't argue with the refs... apparently not everyone share's my philosophy... I'll explain more later.

The other yellow card of the co-ed game (actually issued first) was issued because one of our guys kicked the ball after the whistle was blown for a foul. Apparently he had done it previously in the game and been warned. I watched the whole thing it really wasn't that big of a deal, but considering the previous warning I guess the ref had had enough.

This is when trouble started brewing. I was subbed out when the guy who got the first card of the game was sitting on the side lines pissing and moaning about how unfair it was and that it was a bull shit call. (we have a "hot head" rule in the league for yellow cards, you have to sit out for 10 minutes and calm down). Hey I agree it was a bull shit call, but arguing it isn't going to take the yellow card away. I suggested that he just let it slide, because if a player mouths off or argue's with the ref, the ref is going to remember that player and watch every move they make on the field just looking for a foul at the next game and the next game and so on. I think it's best to just keep your head down, your mouth shut and play the game. He didn't seem to care for my advice. I said my piece and walked away to cheer on my team mates on the field.

When the second yellow card of the game was issued against our team mate for the collision that's when all hell broke loose.

Seriously... who let you out on the field?

I suppose one or both of the guys on our team who were issued cards demanded an explanation for the calls. The ref started arguing with them. At one point they started walking off the field, but something must have been said and tempers flared even further. The ref started yelling at the other teams captain, then he started throwing out red cards, and then he decided to CALL the game with only about three minutes left on the clock! WHAT!???

Meanwhile the other 19 people on the field, myself included, were ready to finish the game. After the screaming match back and forth between the ref our two players and confusingly the other teams captain, the rest of us were left there wondering what the hell was going on?? Suddenly we were shaking hands and that was it.

So now we're left wondering if our 4-2 lead with only a few minutes left in the game even counts? We played fairly and earned those goals and that lead. Whose fault was it that the game was called?? It might go down in history as one of the great rec soccer mysteries. *sarcasm alert*

I'd never ever seen anything quite like it happen on the pitch. Especially at a rec level which is friendly/competitive play. I guess men get pissy and sportsmanship is thrown aside when their ego's get stomped on...

In other soccer news my Ladies team won 2-0 with no serious fouls or bad tempers to report! Go ladies! Go!

Images from radio.webblogs, nycbridgerunners.com & thenewts.net

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