Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Soccer Sunday's: Rain Rain Go Away!

This weekend in soccer I got to do something a little different. I got to sit down and watch a game instead of play.

During my woman's game on Saturday it started to rain. Do you know how fun it is to try and pass the ball and run on grass that should have been cut three weeks ago? How about running on that grass in the rain? Apparently the school that owns the fields wants to achieve some sort of wild untamed meadow effect on their soccer fields. So essentially we were playing on drenched shag carpeting. Not fun. Passes just stop rolling for no reason, the ball slips off your feet and out of your hands on throw ins, and the worst part: soggy wet socks! Yuck! Probably my least favorite thing in the world next to the Republican party and the Hills is running in wet socks. Can we say blisters? Ugh. Unfortunately we lost 1-0.

And also unfortunately due to the rain that did not let up all afternoon, night and into early the next morning my Sunday game was canceled because the county closed the field we were to play on due to flooding. Bummer.

But all was not lost in Team Six Pack's soccer world this weekend. My uncle called up at the last minute on Sunday and offered me two tickets to DC United's game. I almost wasn't going to go because it was so last minute and I couldn't find someone to take the other ticket, but the words "field seats" had me jumping in the car for the hour drive to RFK stadium.

Did I mention I was close?

I mean really close?

Unfortunately DC fell 2-1 to San Jose. Due to traffic and a slight detour caused by getting lost because idiots decided to change the highway signs around and I missed the exit... I arrived close to the end of the first half with DC up 1-0. DC's starting keeper left the game sometime in the second half due to a shoulder injury. After that San Jose was allowed a free kick. The penalty was out side of the box but they were perfectly lined up in front of the goal so it was a pretty good opportunity for them to score. The ball just sailed into the back of the net on the right hand side, our substitute keeper was standing all the way to the left looking a bit stunned and pissed. Hell I would be too. Score is now tied 1-1. I'd say possession was 50/50 throughout, DC did make a few more attempts on goal, but were unlucky. San Jose came down the field on the attack and took a shot which hit the cross bar and ricocheted back out into play. DC defenders weren't fast enough to clear it and San Jose took another shot. This time our keeper was down because of the dive he took to try and stop the first shot, San Jose's second shot went right in before he could react again. Tough luck for DC, but a good game. Oh, and did I mention... awesome seats!

Nice tat's Santino

p.s. all photos taken by me please on my crappy point and shoot do not reuse with out permission. Thanks.

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