Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Santarob... I've been a bad girl today!

If you insist ;)

I've been a bad bad girl. Yesterday was our office staff party. I made ginger cookies since everyone brings a dish and I've never made these cookies before. They turned out relatively amazing. Minus the part where I swore repeatedly (see told you I was naughty) at the dough because it wouldn't cooperate with me and transfer the men onto the cookie sheet with out turning them into mutants and/or elasto-ginger bread men! Hence I made ginger snaps instead:

Cookies to spread holiday cheer in the office!

So yea, I over ate yesterday... and then today there were left overs and it seems I made too many cookies because my chewy delicious ginger cookies were still left!! I kind of have a problem with ginger snaps... I kind of love them... hardcore.

So I kind of ate several of them today along with some other left overs, please don't be angry Santaward! I'll try better tomorrow!

-Team Six Pack

p.s. Can I still stay on your "naughty" list though ;)

*ahem* ANYWAY! ;)

So today and yesterday were a diet bust! I still worked out Sunday (running/weights), Monday (spinning) and today (bootcamp). I'll try harder with my diet tomorrow to try and get back on track! Unfortunately there's another holiday party to attend Thursday! Help! I really do hate this time of year!

[Super awesome/hilarious "Naughty" Rob pic from 2 sisters blog!]

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"Miss Shoe Box" said...

Pfffft. Some days, ya just gotta be naughty. And enjoy every yummy moment of it. ;) Let Santaward punish you *giggles* and then back to the diet. If you don't allow yourself to have a few cheats from time to time, you'll binge--eating every cookie in sight for sure! LOL

Keep up the hard work!! :D