Friday, December 25, 2009

Have a Happy Healthy Holiday!

I hope everyone's been having a great morning so far! It seems my family caught wind of the fact that YES I am dead serious about keeping fit and they got me fitness related presents for Christmas this year! WOOHOO! I was so super excited I had to rush to the blog to share all my goodies!!

My Christmas Goodies include:

a set of resistance bands for strength training...

"The Stick" which is a handy little tool to help work out all the kinks and knots in my muscles after working out

A replica Team USA match ball for the 2010 Fifa World Cup (In case you couldn't tell from reading this blog I am mildly obsessed with the sport of soccer)

A pair of smartwool running socks

And my very own chalk bag for rock climbing so I don't have to steal my sisters when we hit the climbing gym. I asked her if she purposely bought me one that said "moon" on it and she said she did...haha she's knows me too well! Check it out,!

Looks like I'm going to need to hit the rocks again! This is me on my very first climb ever almost a year ago at Pilot Mountain in North Carolina. I had just reached a milestone of losing 50lbs.

I've lost another 30lbs since then...

Day 2 of our trip

Climbing indoors over the summer... I'm sweaty gross cause I ran three miles before I took my turn climbing (clearly I just follow the "rainbow" instead of the routes ;)). So I'm definitely long over due for a trip!

Back to the gifts!

My mom also got me this super awesome shirt for cold weather runs (and when all this damn snow melts hopefully i'll get some soccer time in too before spring season). It's light weight, but warm and wicks away the sweat, it's also got thumb holes so I can cover my wrists....


And to all a Healthy New Year!

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"Miss Shoe Box" said...

You are too freakin' cute! HAHAAHA! I love it! You scored some great gifities mam! And tops with thumb-holes are NOT easy to find.. I have one from Nike that I ordered out of the Soccer section 10 years ago.. Yes, 10 YEARS AGO.. that I still wear.. It's a navy hoodie that is fab. Be jealous. ;) But of course, if I find another in our catalogs, cuz you know I stalk them every season, I'll order you one too now that I know you appreciate them as much as me!

Merry Christmas!!