Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some Girls Like to Shop

Clearly not all girls but some of us do! This one goes out to the girls who enjoy a little retail therapy.

You're probably wondering what this has to do with fitness... well not much, but it does have a lot to do with general wellness :). Sometimes it's nice to go out and shop and be able to try on clothes you never would have been able to fit in 6 months ago. And it's even better when said clothes are ON SALE! All the more reason to celebrate with a blog post :) And if you don't like it tough cookies, this is my blog you can go watch a zombie movie.

Stop #1: Anthropologie (aka my clothing addiction)... Office holiday party is thursday and I have nothing to wear but dresses that are several years old and probably several sizes too large! Anthro sale rack to the rescue!

Gathered Together Dress on sale for $59.95!

The best part about this purchase, I had a gift card for $75.00 that I was holding on to waiting for that special must have purchase so I still have $11 left to spend on something small. JE talked me down from buying yet another copy of Pride and Prejudice:

It's my favorite book of all time, and yes I already own several copies including a Zombie version and an illustrated children's book version...don't judge...so do I really didn't need another one? Yes, because this one has a super CUTE cloth cover! I'm glad she talked me out of it though because Anthro wanted $20.00 for this and it's on sale at amazon for $13.60! Score! :D

Stops #2 & 3: J. Crew and Gap. Self restraint was exercised at these stores. Clothes and cute head bands were tested, but I had to tell myself no.

Stop #4: Nordstroms. JE introduced me to the wonders of the Junior section. I had never thought to shop there before thinking I wouldn't fit in the clothes but they have cheep accessories! And accessorize I did!

Hat - $7.90!!
Cute little ball earings - $6.00
Belt to go with anthro dress $6.90

Gotta love a good sale :)


KinTheFlo said...

You are tooo cute. Great purchases! You're gonna be on fire at the party. what a perfect dress. you must give us deets on par-tay! lookin good girl!

Just Erin said...

I would say it is a most successful trip. I really am going to need to go back and get that shirt - it is subtle - which clearly I appreciate. :)

We'll have to take some pictures at the Company party. :)