Sunday, December 6, 2009

Death of an iPod

I came home this afternoon to switch my work out clothes from the wash to the dryer because Monday starts yet another week of work outs and by Saturday I'll have nothing clean again...

and there in the bottom of the wash, sitting lifeless was my iPod shuffle!!!

I knew there was no way to revive the poor thing...


I killed it!!!

Please allow me this moment to deliver a Eulogy...
I worked out on Saturday and we ran sprint intervals together. You were playing muse and I was running, and all was right with the world. Just you and me so happy together blasting music. And then I went to stretch and we were singing Kings of Leon out loud to the twi-hater. I threw you in my bag that I was carrying, which got a little wet from the melted snow, so to be safe and protect you from the water (and sweaty shirt) I placed you in my pants pocket. Said pants then went into the wash!

But now you're dead!! And now I don't have music to listen to while I work out!!

It's the end of an era!! *sad face* We've worked out together for years, providing me music for motivation, and a means to ignore all the weird people at my gym. *Sigh*

RIP little shuffle 2006 - 2009

Oh well, new ones are $60. Maybe I'll get a color. Blue is my favorite.

Sorry, little iPod. My Bad!

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