Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Month of Work Outs

So this post was an entire month in the making :) I kept track of my work outs for the month of January... I extended it a bit beyond that though because for the beginning of the month I was out of town visiting family way down south...just across the border. Hey Miss Rebecca...I know you're reading :)

Just kinda hanging around down south for a few days.

Ok so here's my entire month of work outs after I got back from my lil trip on Jan 5th... including days I rested. Bootcamp work outs are 1 hour long and burn an average of 630+ calories depending on the work out. According to sparkpeople one hour of Spinning burns about the same around 620 calories. 1hr of Yoga class burns about 220 calories.... As for indoor soccer I guess on average I play 25 minutes or more of a game depending on how many subs we have, so that burns about 270 calories. I'll leave it to someone else to figure out the total calories burned... I wasn't a math major ;).

1/06 Wed - Bootcamp

1/07 Thurs - Bootcamp

1/08 Fri - Spinning

1/09 Sat - bike trainer 45min, upper body, abs

1/10 Sun - Treadmill 3.5 miles jog, abs, weight training

1/11 Mon - Bootcamp

1/12Tues - Bootcamp morning, and Indoor soccer evening

1/13 Wed- rest

1/14 Thurs - Bootcamp

1/15 Fri - Spinning, 1hr

1/16 Sat - Run 3 miles, kick soccer ball around for 1hr.

1/17 Sun - Rest (ladies afternoon spent trying on brides maid dresses.)

1/18 Mon - Spinning and Yoga

1/19 Tues - boot camp (bye week in soccer *sad face*)

1/20 Wed - Rest (massage for my shoulder)

1/21 Thurs - boot camp

1/22 Fri - boot camp

1/23 Sat - Run/walk (4 min run 1 min walk intervals - hills) 6 miles <--- this was killer!

1/24 Sun - Run, 3 miles (mostly flat)

1/25 Mon - Rest

1/26 Tues - Boot camp morning, and indoor soccer evening

1/27 Wed - Boot camp

1/28 Thurs - gym: treadmill jog 3 miles, abs, weights

1/29 Fri - Bootcamp

1/30 Sat - Rest - went to NYC to be a Jane Austen Fan Girl ;)

1/31 Sun - Gym: treadmill jog 2 miles, elliptical 10 minutes high resistance, abs

2/1 Mon - Bootcamp

2/2 Tues - Bootcamp morning, indoor soccer evening

2/3 Wed - 30 minutes on bike trainer, abs <- slacker day!

2/4 Thurs - Bootcamp

2/5 Fri - Bootcamp <- instructor tried to kill us today because snow storm we're having is going to keep us in this weekend.

I worked out 26 days last month. I decided to start tracking just to make sure I worked out at least 5 days in a week. I guess after all that working out you can see how frustrated I get with the scale. I'm constantly being told that it's a little bit of effort in the beginning a lot of effort in the end...but honestly I'm really enjoying all the effort I'm putting in. I love the feeling after a good work out. I never regret working out.

Just to make sure I was keeping my work outs top priority I was curious if my dorky little habits might have cut into any of my work out time.  Trust me ladies I understand more than anyone how easy it is to succumb to addictions of laying around and reading and playing on the computer all day. But still I kept my (sometimes lazy) dorky ass in check and made time for my work outs.

Just remember it's ok to get away from the computer and the books and go to the gym....they'll still be there when you get home.

And if that doesn't work invest in a  kindle (there's a or the ipad when it comes out! You can take your books with you if you need to...but honestly when I'm working out I'm pushing myself so there's no way I can focus on reading at the same time, so Mr. Darcy will have to stay at home.

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17foreverlisa said...

LOL! Sitting on my ass all day at work (I do desktop publishing) and then again when I get home to blog, twitter, read ff, and teach myself acoustic guitar via the internet is definitely a problem. I cannot believe your workout schedule. Kudos!!