Thursday, February 11, 2010

Muse for Motivation!

For my readers willing to ROCK! I salute you!!!

I was raised on rock n' roll. Kinda of like I was raised on spaghetti because my mom's Italian, but I was also raised on the Who, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Neil Young, David Bowie... the list goes on and on. Blame my parents they were teenagers in the 70's.

I wore Zeppelin shirts when I was a teenager till they literally had so many holes in them they had to be retired (I hadn't learned the art of tshirt repair like Rob displays on his Stoli shirt back then). To this day I still love me some rock n' roll, and I especially love it on my work out mix. If you're like me, music...but not just any music, good essential to a good work out. Honestly if I had to listen to top 40 radio on my work out mix I think I'd fall off the tread mill... on purpose. *Snore fest!*

Looking back there is one band that has constantly been running along with me since before I even got serious about getting fit...

Twi-hards need no introduction to the ROCK that is Muse!

Absolution was my first Muse album... in 2003 I was still in college, glued to my ipod, and spending many hours in the dark room. Muse was there to rock me through it all. And when I occasionally decided to go to the gym Muse was there too. They've always been on my work out mix ever since.

Muse made me realize that some darker, heavier rock was ok. It didn't always have to be sad Brit rock on my play list (which I had a heavy addiction to at the time, along with a certain icelandic band *cough sigurfuckingros! cough* which I'm still addicted too lol ;)).

I'm listening to Muse as I type this up, and I have to take a break to throw out the Rock fingers.............. .... ... ...

Ok, I'm ready to continue now.

Black Holes and Revelations came next.

Twi-hards will know this one best because Supermassive Black Hole came out on this album.

You know the song...If you don't, where have you been?

It made the vampire baseball scene!
Let's face it, that scene would have been even more bizarre with out it.

Muse's current studio album the Resistance has some kick ass tracks on it as well. My favorites for working out are uprising and undisclosed desires.

This album also features I Belong to You, the track that was remixed for the New Moon soundtrack. And as if you needed further proof that Muse rocks... that song features a bass clarinet solo. Guess who played bass clarinet since seventh grade... this chick! All those people who thought it was a dork instrument were so SO wrong! Bass Clarinet is meant to ROCK!

So if the Stephenie Meyer seal of approval isn't enough, I'll add my seal of approval as well...


Seriously some of their songs are adrenaline pumping rock n' roll that make me think I'm in some crazy Hollywood chase scene lol. If they don't make you want to bust your ass on the tread mill (or other form of work out) I don't know what will! When the drumming, heavy bass and rocking melody's are blasting in your ear it's guaranteed to motivate you to move!

Here's a play list of songs I suggest from all three of these albums:

And, hey if rock isn't your thing check out this Thin White Duke Remix of Undisclosed Desires from It's over seven minutes long great for motivation on the tread mill... although I'm warning you it *might* make you stop your run and shake your booty in the middle of your work out ;)

Check out more muse on the web:

p.s. does uprising make anyone else want to raise their fist in the air and start a riot? or maybe that's just me? haha *rock fist!*


17foreverlisa said...

Love it! Muse's Supermassive Black Hole has been the ringtone on my cell ever since Twilight came out, and I love the music you grew up on. I think Rob would approve of you wearing your t-shirts until they fell off, too. You know he wears his ;) Can't wait to and listen to more Muse on your playlist. Thanks!


Dangrdafne said...

I LOVE Muse!! I saw them open for U2 in DC last fall and they were beyond awesome. Not only do the sound incredible and put on the best show but they really love what they are doing and you can feel it rolling off the stage at you. They are amazing. I own it all and it takes up most of my iPod. Love this post. Thanks