Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No Sugar: Day 45...The finish line!

I made it to the end!!! Yesterday was crazy busy, in fact the entire weekend was busy, but more on that later... when I have time to just process everything and think of a blog entry. I just wanted to make this one brief.

I survived my goal of no sugary sweets for 45 days!!

I can't really explain completely how I resisted the temptation because there was certainly a lot of opportunities to cheat. I guess after a while it almost became mechanical to say no to all the cookies, chocolate and cake thrown in my face.

Instead, I ate fruits or apple sauce for dessert...and after all this time, I'm not having cravings in fact I'm feeling a little repulsed by sugar...it's just not tempting to me right now. I had some of my mom's homemade chocolate chip cookies and even those weren't enjoyable...Something might be wrong with me... but I'm ok with that for now ;)

Also, now it's time to think of my next diet challenge. Any ideas?? Or are you thinking of one for yourself?? Let me know!!


Karin said...

Wow congrats on making it that long! I have such a sweet tooth... that is one of my hardest things to overcome in my weightloss journey. I'm definately trying to figure out a dietary challenge for myself... The only one I have mastered so far is cutting out soda. I did have one at my friends wedding and didn't even finish it because it is no longer appealing for me. Well off to go and figure out my next challenge.. any suggestions :o)

Dangrdafne said...

Totally Fifty Shades in that picture. Saw it right away!

I find it ironic that you also got tired of the sugary goodness of the pictures ;)

Congrats on the 45 days without sugar, that is fantastic. I should implement that in my life too. Hmm I will have to consider that.

Team Six Pack said...

@Karin I just told myself that I wasn't allowed to have them and looked the other way if I saw them in my face. I did have some sweets yesterday but it wasn't even satisfying for me to eat them, so I think I'm just going to give up chocolate or sweets all together again as my next challenge

Haha! ok good I'm glad I'm not the only one who though it was fifty shades lol. and I'm not really tired of the sugary sweetness of the pics just using is as a comparison although I do want to see my some battle scenes!! that was my favorite part of the book!!

If you want to give up sugar sweets just set a short term goal for your self, like a week or two and see how well you do, sometimes it helps to tell yourself it's only temporary...but once you make it that far you might want to just keep going :)