Saturday, February 6, 2010

No Sugar: Day 39

Captain's Log: The end is drawing near...

"Want any pudding?"

No joke, my mom just asked me that question. Mom... seriously, you were with me on Jan 1st when I said I wasn't having any sweets for 45 days.

I've been snowed in with my family this weekend in an effort to avoid being snowed in with my roommate (trust me roommate is the worst option of the two....and oh yea we got 2 feet of snow dumped on us this weekend just an FYI)

Guess what we were in the "totally screwed" bubble! YAY!

Friday. The day the snow started we had two office birthdays to celebrate. I made the cake since my good friend and sometimes bloggy buddy Plain Jane was celebrating a birthday.. I did not eat the cake and I did not touch the batter! Of course since the office closed early because of the impending doom of snow, and the state of Maryland literally hits the panic button at the sight of the little white devils falling from the sky... there was left over cake I had to take home... AND there was another cake at home that my mom made for the know since we needed one there too! There was cake in my face all weekend and I had to sit and watch the entire family enjoy it. No wonder I read a lot of fan fiction this weekend!

Mom: want a slice of cake?

Me: No, no sweets.

Saturday. The snow stopped about 4 in the afternoon. We started the dig out. Brother and I stayed out til a little after 8 at which point a increasing cold and numb toes made me call it quits. It took about two days of four people working about 3-4 hours to clear our cars and drive way.... it was a lot of snow. Trust me.

Mom: Want some hot chocolate to warm up??

Me: *grumbles...hell yeah I really want hot chocolate* No, Mom. NO chocolate, remember?

Mom: Oh, ok tea then.

Me: *smiles* yes please! :)

Sunday morning. Day 2 of digging out. Mom made cinnabuns as an afternoon snow shoveling snack.

Mom: You want a cinnabun??

Me: No, Mom... no sweets remember.

Mom: Oh, well give your dad and brother one.

Dad: Why aren't you eating one?

Me: NO sweets.

The shoveling of snow (and food) commences.

Sunday afternoon. Mom bakes brownies for a superbowl party. I decide to fore-go the festivities. I know it's going to be a glutton-fest and I don't like football. I stay home with a bottle of wine, twitter, and masterpeice theater. I'm also working on revamping my work out mix since I had a "little" time to do nothing this weekend.

Monday. Plow finally clears the court, I can venture out in my little car.

Let's play find Team Six Pack's Versa....

Off to the gym I go!!! *HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!* Seriously I had major cabin fever. Sure I got a great work out shoveling all that snow, I also think I discovered new muscles in my back and new bones to be cracked back into place...but I needed to get some cardio in! I ran 3 miles on the treadmill which felt SO SO good and was fun with my new work out mix and I did lots of abs. Trust me I didn't need to work my upper body after all that snow.

Monday evening. Haven't made it home yet (parents live closer to work and the gym than I do so it makes sense to stick around for a little bit), kinda thinking it's not going to happen til later this week anyway because...we're expecting ANOTHER 12-20 INCHES OF SNOW TOMORROW THROUGH WEDNESDAY!!!!!!! GAH! Enough already!

Run for your lives!!!! It's Snowmageddon!

SO anyway as I was saying, this evening I'm sitting with my lap top and my mom walks by and asks me...

"Want any pudding?"

*facepalm* haven't we discussed this already Mom???

Welcome to my life :)

Ok just because I haven't been able to eat all the sweets around the house doesn't mean I don't enjoy dessert...My dessert options this weekend were unsweetened apple sauce with cinnamon, grapes, apples and natural peanut butter, sugar free protein shakes....and Daniel Cudmore...

Don't mind if I do!!


shoewhoreninja said...

OMG... *wipes drool* hottness.... jebus lady.... you should have sirens going off before that last photo... dang!!

Oh and your mom's a riot. ;)

Team Six Pack said...

LOL I know right? that is one hawt pic :) Mmmmm.

So yeah my mom... when she asked me if I wanted pudding last night, I was in the middle of editing a chapter and I'm like jebus this had been happening ALL weekend. I need to blog about it lol.

Kahlilia said...
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17foreverlisa said...

I realize now that my walking 30 minutes a day on the treadmill while I watch the Twilight DVD is only a baby step and I need to get my ass in gear. I am so impressed with your discipline. I should have avoided the Super Bowl party at my niece's house because I did terrible!! Nothing I can do about it now but move on.

I cannot believe the amount of snow you are getting. Snowmageddon is right! I guess I'd better not complain about my drive in to work this morning in 5 inches of fresh snow, huh?

Keep up the good work, girlie!


Team Six Pack said...

Hey Lisa, Try turning your thirty minute walk into a run/walk. That will definitely get you sweating a lot more. I don't run straight through when I'm on the treadmill. I get really over heated sometimes so I typically run 1 mile, try to get a fast time in, break for 1-2 minutes run 4 minutes break 1 run 4 etc.

Usually run walks are intervals of run 4 minutes walk 1...but try starting out at 1 or two minutes of running 1 minute walking and work yourself up from there. Doing intervals can keep you engaged in your work out a little more than just setting the treadmill at one speed and letting it go. You can play little games with yourself to try and push yourself a little further like say "ok I'm going to go for 15 seconds longer" or "I'm going to keep running until I hit the half mile mark". To me it's a lot more fun to do little challenges with time and distance instead of running straight through. (plus added bonus for me intervals on the treadmill are better to keep conditioned for soccer :D)

Here's a great article I found on runners world:,7124,s6-380-381-386-236-0,00.html

Take this quote away from it:

"The goal of a workout is not to avoid walking. The goals are to feel better, get in better shape, reduce tension, lose weight, train for an upcoming race and so on. Take your pick. They're all worthwhile goals."

So there ya go...don't ever feel that you need to push yourself super hard to get a worthwhile work out, do what you can for now and you'll see pretty soon that you'll be able to push yourself harder!