Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Current Status

And this is the segment on this blog where I rant/ramble:

Current Mood: Scatter-brained

Current Weight: 203 (down 6lbs since I started the blog a couple weeks ago)

Currently Thinking about: Getting this tattoo (on my fore arm?)

I always think about tattoos but never actually get them. I'm chicken. Maybe it says something deeper about me having a fear of commitment, whoah there Dr. Freud. I am committed... to fitness baby! I'm in a committed relationship with myself right now. Maybe when I reach my goal I'll get this.

Currently NOT thinking about: the cake in the office kitchen.

Currently looking online at: Cupcakes (damn you "evil cupcake" google search)...look how awesome these are though, I am not craving a cupcake (don't even try to imply that I am!) I just thought these were cute and I love creative people:

hello, who doesn't love super mario bros!

apparently now the cookie monster has to eat vegetables too??

Currently looking forward to: the prospect of playing perhaps two back to back soccer games tonight! :D

Currently wishing that: I didn't guzzle a 1000ml sports bottle of water hydration is important!... whoah brb.

Currently listening to: Song #990 on my ipod "Everything in it's Right Place" - Radiohead, I might be wrong live recordings.

Currently Realized: I need to make sure I remember to keep tracking ALL my calories or else how in the world am I going to know if I'm meeting my goals!

and now I am currently done rambling...time to get productive at work!


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