Sunday, July 12, 2009

When Dessert Attacks!!!

Run for your lives! The Cupcakes are coming!!!

I was a bad bad girl Saturday. I ate too much dessert. My parents had me over for dinner and my mom (love her but) still prepares enough food as if she has a ravenous pack teenagers still living at the house.

I was ravenous though. I stupidly skipped lunch that afternoon. I had a boot camp session for one hour in the morning then a soccer training session in the afternoon for an hour and half. I ate a breakfast of three eggs and two pieces of wheat toast, but I skipped lunch because I can't work out on a full stomach. It makes me feel sick. I didn't eat anything after the soccer training because I was just flat BEAT and didn't feel like preparing food. So by the time dinner rolled around at the folk's house I was running on empty with nothing but a big bottle of pellegrino in my system.

So at dinner, I probably had too much chicken but I needs me protein so I grow big and strong! I also had about a little more than a cup of rice and a good sized salad with fresh greens from Mom's garden, YUM! The food I can handle though, it's the dessert that's thrown in my face that always tempts me.

My mom started making smores...Since I'm off chocolate it's not a terrible dessert choice. One sheet of graham crackers (that can be broken into 4 small crackers) is 68 calories one regular marshmallow runs about 25 calories. So that's a dessert for under 100 calories.

However I didn't stop there....There was also fisher's popcorn in the house. For those of you uninitiated, fishers popcorn is a treat that you can only get in one place. Ocean City, Maryland (might I add my least favorite place, however it's worth it for the popcorn and thrashers french fries). So since we only get it at the beach that means it's a treat we only have around once a year. Aaaaannnd I had two handfuls of it. Yikes!!!!! Two cups of caramel popcorn runs you about 340 calories! WHOAH THERE!

I could have stopped there, I should have stopped there...but then my mom was like "Who wants some ice cream?" Everyone else in the family was sitting around me enjoying ice cream, and I caved.

Yeah I know I posted before about how to eat a proper portion of ice cream, but I had three scoops of vanilla Saturday night with a waffle cone. Waffle cone - 120 calories, ice cream 200 calories.

For a grand total of 753 Empty calories consumed on dessert!!

That's half my daily in-take! so even though I didn't eat lunch yesterday I still went over my daily allowance by about 250 calories! ouch!

So I had a bad day, I fell off the wagon. What do I do now?

Get the freak back on the wagon!

I gotta pick myself up, dust myself off and hop back on the wagon!

Even though I feel bad when I go over my diet limits I can't mope around and beat myself up about it! I'm human I've made many mistakes in my life I'll continue to make mistakes as a work my way through this life style change odyssey, but I can't let it get to me. I have to roll with the punches. Because other wise if I sit around and obsesses over that ice cream I ate last night, that would just be a downward spiral of eating more and laying around. A very bad combination.

So what did I do Sunday? I went out for a run. I jogged a mile, stretched, did some lunges and then some sprint intervals around the track until the blazing mid-day sun made me call it quits.

My meals Sunday were: A bowl of cereal for breakfast

Lunch: A chicken breast sandwich (30z) one two slices of wheat bread with lettuce and a dab of ketchup and mustard.

Dinner: Two pieces of chicken (thigh & leg, no skin) grapes and cheddar cheese.

No dessert!

And today I got up again and went to boot camp. So I guess my point is you just have to keep moving forward. If you slip get back on track the next day and the next day and so on and so forth.

Another lesson I've learned thinking back on this weekend is that I need to stop skipping meals because it only makes me binge when my next meal rolls around since I'm so hungry by that point! I need to not fall into that trap of being too tired and lazy to cook and at least have a peanut butter sandwich or some bananas handy if I'm not in the mood to prepare something that takes more time.

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