Monday, July 6, 2009

I Have to Give Up a Diet Vice for 30 Days

This morning at boot camp one of the girls announced that she was giving up alcohol for thirty days. So our instructor very quickly suggested that we should all try to give something up in our diets for 30 days.

I'm a fairly moderate person. I can still count the number of drinks I had this past week (yes even including 4th of July), and that's 6. If I can remember how much I've had to drink, I don't necessarily consider that a drinking problem. I can't throw down like I used to when I was in college, and with weight loss I definitely can't hold my liquor like I used to so I have learned to just take it easy.

So... I don't have a drinking problem, I don't smoke, I don't drink soda and I don't drink coffee except on the rare rare occasion because caffeine hates me. (A vanilla latte a night will keep me up with the shakes and the worst stomach ache ever till 5 am, so yeah just the thought of coffee makes me pretty ill). I eat ice cream rarely, I hardly ever eat fast/fried food... I know what you're probably thinking I'm dull as a box of rocks. Yep :) I kind of enjoy my bland life style now....just because I tend to remember what I did on the weekends doesn't mean I don't have fun. To me fun is a good book, good music, a good full body work out or some soccer!

But I'm not patty freakin' perfect. I do have my diet vices. I sneak chocolate at work. There's chocolate all over our office. I can count four bags of miniature assortments that I know of lying around here... and I know exactly where they are. Two are sitting in a file drawer behind my desk. No, they're not mine I never buy chocolate for myself. The office manager buys them for everyone. I'm pretty convinced they want us to be so fat we can't get up from our desks.

I'm usually pretty good about staying away, but every so often I glance in the direction of the supply closet and a snickers or twix mini calls out to me. Especially if I'm pissed or stressed when I see the chocolate I don't say no. So I grab 1-2 pieces and quickly get rid of the evidence. Then I also try to convince myself that I can just let that one slip and don't count it in my calorie tracker. It's like a drive by chocolating.... no body saw nothin! It didn't happen right? Yea, who am I kidding...only myself.

Obviously 1-2 might not hurt me but if I have 1-2 a day that adds up to a lot of calories through out the week. I don't know how many I grab through out the week because I don't keep track it's like my dirty little secret.

My other vice... Cheese or pepperoni pizza... I don't eat pizza very often, and I NEVER order pizza even as a last resort I'll try to make due with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead. However pizza enters my household secretly at night by way of the sister and my other roommate. Both of them have metabolisms to die for and are fit. Jerkfaces! So once pizza is in front of me I can't say no, even if I try.

Here's an example:

I'm trying to catch up on True Blood and my sister comes into the living room and says: "I just ordered some pizza."

If steam could come out of my ears it would. HOW COULD SHE??!!!!! Trust me the sister KNOWS I have a weakness. I have discussed this with her before and begged her to help me out by keeping it out of the house. Didn't work. All I'm thinking is if I can just get through this episode before it arrives then I'll go up stairs and get away from the pizza. But the episodes are an hour long and pizza arrives foiling my well laid out plans. I also hadn't eaten dinner, so I paused the show and rummage through our fridge (aka where food goes to die) for the remnants of my latest trader joes shopping trip. I have some sharp cheddar cheese and whole wheat bread. Ta-da! Grilled cheese sandwich, no butter...

And it tastes like boring bland crap.

And... there's still a ton of pizza in the living room

And... all I want to do is finish watching true blood.

And... my sister offers me pizza.

And I want to kill her!

I caved and had two slices, they were both on the small side, but this is what I'm dealing with here. I. can. not. say. no. to. pizza.

So I know what I have to do now. I have to give up pizza and chocolate... two small occasional vices add up to one BIG vice. So that's it! For the next thirty days NO MORE PIZZA OR CHOCOLATE!!!! I'll keep you posed on how well I do. So far today I've had a 6 oz yogurt and 2 multi-grain waffles. I have a peach lying in wait for snack time.

Perhaps I will develop a much more healthy habit as a result of this.  So if you have to give up one of your diet vices for thirty days what would you choose??


Tasha... said...

Little Ceasar's CrazyBread! I eat that stuff by the bag! It's oh sooooo gooood!

All workplaces have an ulterior motive with the sweets! That's why I don't work anymore. I got free food, coffee, ice cream, candy, cake and anything else I desired from Drug was a vicious cycle!

Team_SixPack said...

I haven't had little cesar's in age... OK STOP don't think about pizza don't think about pizza... anyway...

So since I've replaced food with fan fiction and Kellan's abs, I was trying to actually count the number of abs that man has... I'm thinking 8 or more?

Tasha... said...

You ask me with knowledge that I've actually counted!

*ahem*...I have. It's 8. [before I realize I'm licking the screen]

Team_SixPack said...

LOL! That's cause I knew you would know the answers to the hard hitting questions :)